Is NYSC Sending Emails to PCMs Selected for Batch B Stream I

There is Information circulated online that the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is sending email to prospective corps members (PCMs) selected to take part in 2020 Batch B Stream I orientation course. Government loan.

Many PCMs are disturbed as they have not gotten any email from NYSC despite the fact they completed their online registration early enough to be considered for Stream I. Also read 2020 Batch B Stream IA to begin printing call up letters from Nov… 

However, it not clear to many people if NYSC is actually sending email to some selected PCMs for Batch B Stream I. But by the time you are through reading this post, you will be cleared about the trending email.

In case you have not seen the email that we are talking about, check the image below;

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We have waited for the NYSC social media handler to make clarifications on that but it seems they know nothing about it as they keep avoiding questions pertaining to the email. But thanks to, we have been able to get clarifications from a reliable source. Read NYSC Batch B 2020 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers. Quick Loan.

Is NYSC sending emails to PCMs selected for Batch ‘B’ Stream I? Loan

The trending email shown above is actually sent by NYSC. But not what you think… Continue reading to know why it was sent to one or two PCM. Get loan.

Do not panic! All eligible graduates that earlier registered on the NYSC Portal will be mobilized on first come, first served basis.

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The person(s) that got the trending email are those that must have applied for to be considered for Batch ‘B’ stream 1, and their applications were finally considered. Get loan.

So, NYSC is not sending emails to every PCM selected for Batch ‘B’ Stream I, but for those that specifically applied to be considered for Stream I.

Anyone can apply to be considered for either Stream 1 or 2 if they have genuine reason for that. You can apply by visiting NYSC Secretariat in your state or send email to

Hope this help, kindly share this post across to all prospective Corpers. Get government loan.

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  1. I registered with stream 1 batch a but I was not among those who follow batch a stream 1 will I be able to follow batch b stream 1

  2. Pls I want to fine out, I registered for batch A streamII, and I was waiting for a call up later before the covid19 outbreak, pls is there anything I need to do to join the Batch B streamIA?

  3. Please I want to ask,are we to do another medical report or we can use s 1 we did wen we were preparing to go wit catch A stream 2

  4. Good morning sir, will those that registered with Batch A stream 2 be automatically be in Batch B stream 1 even without receiving the E-mail been sent to Pcm’s.

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