How To Make Hand Sanitizer In Nigeria (Step by Step)

Hand sanitizer is a disinfectant liquid used alternatively to washing the hands with soap and water. In this post, we will show you how to make hand sanitizer in Nigeria.

It will be funny to see people move about with soap and water to wash hands at any given time, this has made cosmetologists to come up with the idea of hand sanitizer to make washing of hands anywhere we go easy and without stress.

Going with what is happening in the world right now, and how people need to maintain a good hygiene and stay safe, there is need to keep hand sanitizer around us always.

Whether you call it hand sanitizer, hand cream, hand wash or hand rub, they all refer to the same thing used for same purpose and often alcohol-based.

Hand sanitizer became relevant in Africa after the out-break of Ebola virus but became irrelevant and lost its value when Ebola passed away.

With the arrival of Coronavirus in the world, also known as Covid-19, and it’s update in Nigeria, hand sanitizer is now publicised as a necessity, which has made it more popular.

Hand sanitizer is now a hot cake in the country following the way people ask for it. In Lagos. a large quantity of face mask and hand sanitizer is sold daily. This suggests it’s importance in the world and the country at large.

Hand sanitizer are sold in markets across the country. In case where it is unavailable, you don’t need to panic. You can prepare a home made sanitizer for you and your family.

I have taught few people whom I count as lucky people this method of preparing home made sanitizer when they told me they couldn’t get any in the stores they visited because the stores ran out of this product due to constant demand.

The materials for this sanitizer is not far fetched. They are always available at any chemical shop near you.

To prepare this hand wash is the easiest when it comes to chemical production just like preparation of insecticides.

How to make hand sanitizer in Nigeria

There are different methods of preparing this hand rub, and also very easy to make.

Sanitizer can be produced with or without Aloe Vera. It is alcohol-based which means alcohol is the active ingredient which should be more than 60% of other ingredients for the hand sanitiser to be efficacious.

Materials needed for the production of hand sanitizer

  • Container or packaging bottle
  • Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Funnel

Ingredients used to produce hand sanitizer

  • I.P.A/Rub in ethanol (1litre).
  • Minthyl oil or peppermint (essential oil) 50-100ml.
  • Glycerin, gel or aloe vera.
  • Phenol 3-5 tablespoon.
  • Texaphone 3-5 tablespoon.
  • Fragrance of your choice.

Alcohol or witch hazel can be either used for sanitiser base, so you can choose anyone among the two for the base.

But some people dislike alcohol because according to them it has a strong smell and causes skin dry (after using it to moisturise your hands, some minutes later your hands become dry). Witch hazel is a better option and alternative.

Steps to make hand sanitizer

Pour all the chemicals into a clean bowl with a little quantity of water to dissolve, stir for 10minutes. Your hand sanitiser is ready for use. Package for home use or for sale.

Watch video of how to make hand sanitizer below:

Hand sanitizer production secrets

1. To make a viscous hand sanitiser, put it in a flat plate and spread it around the plate. Put in the freezer to cool for 2-3 hours. Your hand sanitiser will become sticky, forming a solid and liquid consistency.

2. Alcohol is more preferred than witch hazel but both are anti-bacterial. If you don’t add any of the two, the solution will become a scented aloe vera gel. But you can prepare hand sanitizer without aloe vera gel. The quantity of ethanol in the mixture is very important.

3. Aloe vera act also as the base so you can use any essential oil in place of peppermint.

4. Alcohol also act as a preservative which can make sanitizers last long.


Preparation of hand sanitizer is not a difficult task. You can quickly make a little quantity to protect you and your family against germs in this pandemic outbreak.

You can also produce for business to make profit especially in this lockdown period when people can not move around to buy from the market, you can make it available to people near you.

To produce hand sanitizer is not expensive. But do not forget that hand sanitizer can not be replaced with water because water is essential in anything we do.

Hand sanitizer doesn’t make your hands clean, it only kill germs when used. Water and soap is still important as it wash your hand clean, and make it free from germs.

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