How To Make Large Sales On Twitter Without Ads In 2022 (3 Easy Ways)

You may disagree, but 6 out of 10 people depart Twitter after their first account is created. Why? This is due to Twitter’s unique business model, which is not as easy and obvious as Facebook or other social media sites.

You can spend ten years on Twitter without gaining more than 100 followers, believe me. It’s conceivable. The Twitter algorithm prioritizes engagement over connections. If you have a large number of Facebook friends, more people will notice your posts if you post on a frequent basis.

On Twitter, however, your behavior in terms of engagement over time decides whether or not you will become an influencer. However, the truth remains that gaining followers and making transactions on Twitter is challenging. Here’s when the three tips in this post come in handy.

You will get good results in due time if you follow these three tactics religiously and keep consistent with them over time.

1. Keep an eye on the trend table.

You’ll notice a trend table on the right hand side of your Twitter app when you open it. You’ll be able to see the most popular keywords in each country, as well as globally, using this function. Here’s the gimmick.

The majority of consumers follow trends that have nothing to do with their product or tweet. This is incorrect, and your account may be suspended as a result. Study the trend table for your target country (you can do this easy), pick a keyword from the trends, come up with a brief tweet or image that connects to that keyword, and drop the tweet. Make sure the tweet is important and catchy, regardless of how brief it is.

Add a thread (a new tweet) under that tweet and write a brief copy with an image of your products, requesting people to DM you before tweeting it. Check to see if your DM is active. If your tweet is catchy enough, and you’re lucky enough to have it picked up by the Twitter algorithm, your product will appear anywhere the tweet appears. People notice your product when they click to read your threads, which improves your impressions.

2. Follow influencers and turn on their tweet notification

You must be astute in this situation. If you’re going to follow someone on social media, make sure they’re in your niche. For example, if you’re selling beauty care items, you can’t use a lawyer (such as Segalink) as an influencer. Rather, go with a female influencer who has a following that is interested in your industry and needs your items.

If you turn on their tweet notification, you’ll be notified whenever they post a new tweet. Most of these influencers now urge their fans to promote their items on a thread every now and then. This is the point at which you should leap in. When you see a tweet like this, respond with a specific product and a short copy, and of course, a request for people to DM you.


This does not, however, occur on a regular basis. The majority of these people would prefer that you pay them to promote for you rather than allowing you to advertise for free. So, here’s what you’re supposed to do. You’ll be able to see all of their tweets and retweets if they have their tweet notification set on. When you see a tweet that catches your eye, dive under it as quickly as you can and drop your product.

For example, if she sends you a beautiful photo or video of her skin, and you sell skin care goods, that’s your hook. That’s your catch if she sends you a photo of herself in a new dress and you sell women’s clothing. Now, don’t do this all the time; if you do and they notice, you might get a block.

PS: Influencers are persons who have a large number of followers and are active on social media.

3. Request retweets

This is both the easiest and hardest to accomplish. However, if you come across folks that want to help, you’re up for it. Tweet and pin a product. If you make it a sticky tweet on your profile, it will be the first tweet people see when they visit your page.

Then DM like-minded people, primarily those with higher engagement than you (but not necessarily influencers), pleading with them to kindly RT your pinned tweet. Although not everyone who receives your DM (message) will respond, if you can get a large number of individuals to respond, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Selling on Twitter is viable, but it needs additional effort and dedication. The catch is that once you’ve established a stable relationship and influence as a marketer, you’ll have a long-term wealth-creating platform. Once again, you must be thoughtful and cautious in order to avoid being identified as a spammer.

Source: Nyscinfo

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