How To Make Money With TikTok’s Sound.Me

The fact that the Nigerian music industry’s revenues are increasing is nothing new. The potential for Nigerian music to generate three billion dollars in revenue in 2021 is quite promising. As a result, more people are attempting to break into the music business in order to receive their just rewards. You can make fantastic money with, a music network created by TikTok, if you’re a budding artist. To find out how to use this function to make money on TikTok, continue reading.

What Is TikTok’s Sound.Me App?

Tiktok has created a brand-new music distribution and promotion network called In essence, this new function will enable musicians to produce their music and promote it on TikTok. Additionally, if your song receives enough views on TikTok’s, you may be able to make money from it. The platform seeks to give musicians a unique means of self-expression, fan base growth, and global exposure for their music while generating income.

What distinguishes and SoundOn from one another?

The SoundOn network has the ability to make music available on other platforms, unlike the network, which is only limited to TikTok. In essence, this means that you can expand your fan base as a musician to include streaming platforms other than TikTok.

How much money can musicians make from it?

When people play their music, artists can start earning royalties by uploading their tracks to TikTok. For a year, the network pays musicians 100% in royalties. Musicians will then receive 90% royalties, a variety of promotional resources, and support. This money can be transferred to your PayPal account.

How Does Allow Me To Earn Money?

By directly submitting your music to Tiktok and then promoting it on the website, you can earn money on this network as an artist. In exchange, the site pays you for it according to the number of views you receive.

How Do I Create An Account On Tiktok For

  • To create an account on this network, it only takes ten minutes. Here is a detailed procedure:
  • Open the official page in your browser to get started.
  • Choose your country of residence or the country where you now reside to start the registration procedure. This step is crucial since you won’t receive any campaigns if you don’t choose the proper place.
  • Go to the following page and enter your personal data. When you do this, the platform will ask for your permission.

You will have complete access to the platform and all of its features after the final step is completed on TikTok. To access, you must first have a TikTok account.


To assist the expanding TikTok community of up-and-coming musicians in launching their professional careers, TikTok created In essence, this platform enables them to market their work globally and profit from it. To learn more about it, see the aforementioned guide.

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