How to make NYSC post you to a place of your choice

– How to make NYSC post you to a place of your choice

How to make NYSC post you to place of your choice

Gentlemen Prospective Corps Members (PCMs), how are you preparing for the upcoming NYSC online registration?

Do you have a particular state in mind that you want NYSC to post you? Do you know there is a way to influence your posting without paying anybody?

I want to show you how to make NYSC post you to place of your choice without paying anybody.

This is a kind of trick that most people do not know. It was first published at, but I copied it here because it will be helpful to you.

How to make NYSC post you to a place of your choice

I want you to understand that this is legal. It is just about how to select states during NYSC registration in order to increase your chance of NYSC posting to your state of choice. So, there is nothing illegal about the whole process.

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The only thing I want you to do right now is to pay attention as I show you how to make NYSC post you to place of your choice. Try it and thank me later.

Without wasting your time, let me quickly show you the trick and how it works.

During the NYSC online registration, you will be asked to choose 4 states of your choice. Also, NYSC will ask you to indicate States you visited before.

Any state you pick to have visited, will not be included on the list of states where you will choose 4 states of choice.

For example; if you tell NYSC that you have visited Abia, Anambra and Lagos state. In the list of states from where to choose 4 states of choice, Abia, Anambra and Lagos will not be available for selection.

The whole idea is that NYSC doesn’t want to post anyone to a state they have visited in the past. Although, the reason is best known to the management.

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So, before you choose your 4 states of choice, NYSC will first ask you to pick those states you have visited in the past.

Any state you select as visited will not display on the list of states to choose as state of your choice.

The trick and how it works

Now, here is the trick.

When NYSC ask you to pick states that you have visited before, you should pick those states that you never want them to post you.

The states you have visited will not appear on the list of states you are to choose your state of choice.

For example; if you don’t want to go to Katsina, Adamawa, Sokoto, and so on. You should choose them as states you have visited so that they may disappear from the list of state you want to go.

WARNING: There is no guarantee that it will work for you but at least it will increase your chances of getting your most preferred state of choice.

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If you have any questions, use the comment section below.

Updated: October 16, 2019 — 7:10 am

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  1. Dear Humphrey, could you please make a list of the available states for NYSC? Some of us havent registered because our institutions are yet to take the hard copy there and we’re hearing something like all the states are almost filled up

  2. My question is the date of birth on my waec certificate is wrong i complained to my sch dean and he said during the registration i should put the correct date that any one i use is wht wil appear on my NYSC this real?

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