How NYSC Select Stream 1 and 2 for Service

NYSC mobilization comes in three batches annually, each comprising “Stream 1” and “Stream 2”. The introduction of ‘Stream’ stems from the considerable number of graduates registering for NYSC in each batch. However, the challenge arises from the limited capacity of the NYSC Camp, prompting the management to split each “Batch” into Stream 1 and 2. This post will explain in clear terms how NYSC select candidates that will be in either stream 1 or 2.

Understanding how NYSC selects Stream 1 and 2 will help you choose your preferred stream. ‘Stream 1’ enters the NYSC Camp first, leaving space for Stream 2. After Stream 1 completes their service, NYSC takes about two months brake before inviting Stream 2. Whether for personal reasons or preferences, you may opt for either Stream 1 or 2.

How NYSC Selects Stream 1 and 2

NYSC uses a random algorithm to assign prospective corps members to streams. However, there’s a method to influence the system without any payment. By the end of this post, you’ll know how to navigate your way to any preferred stream without any financial transactions. You may also like to read: Difference between Stream 1 and 2.

How to Choose Your NYSC Stream

There are two ways to follow any NYSC stream of your choice:

1. Trick NYSC Program

For instance, to influence NYSC into placing you in Stream 1, register on the 1st or 2nd day of online registration. If you prefer Stream II, register later, around 4 or 5 days after online registration begins. Early registration increases your chances of falling within Stream I by 95%, while late registration does the same for Stream 2. However, avoid very late registration for Stream II to prevent limitations on state choices, as the portal may display “Sorry, there is no available state slot,” leading to NYSC shifting you to the next batch.

2. Visit NYSC Office

Another way to choose your stream is to visit the NYSC office in your state. Since NYSC has a secretariat in all states in Nigeria, locating the office is easy. When you visit the NYSC Secretariat, request placement in your preferred stream, providing reasons such as health, marital, or academic grounds.

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    I graduated at the age of 29. But by 2020, September, I will be 30. Am I eligible to go for service?

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