NYSC Batch Streams: Difference between Stream 1 and 2

– NYSC Batch Streams and difference between Stream 1 and 2

Nysc streams


Whenever the NYSC mobilization is around the corner, prospective corps members usually ask the following questions;

  • What is NYSC Batch Streams?
  • What is the difference between Stream 1 and 2?
  • How do I know if I am going with stream 1 or 2? 
  • How do I follow Stream1 or 2?
  • Is there a separate registration for Stream 1 and 2?

The questions above are some questions they ask us, but luckily to them, I will give answers to those questions on this page.

Now, let’s start from the first question.

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What is the NYSC Batch streams?

NYSC Streams are divisions of NYSC Batches. As the number of graduates, keep on increasing there become a need to divide Batches into Streams.

The NYSC streams are subdivisions of NYSC Batches.

In the past, there was no NYSC Batch Streams.

Streams came into play because of a large number of Nigerian graduates that are being produced every year by tertiary institutions.

The NYSC orientation camps have no enough space to accommodate this large number of graduates at once. So, NYSC had to split the scheme into 3; Batch A, B, and C.

There is always a new registration for each of the three Batches every year.

But the rate by which tertiary institutions across Nigeria produce graduates made the NYSC management to split Batches into Streams.

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For example; if NYSC calls for fresh registration for Batch B, about 120,000 or more graduates will register, meanwhile the NYSC Orientation camps can only accommodate 60,000.

So, since 120,000 registered, NYSC would divide it into two; 60,000 will go with Batch B Stream 1, and the remaining 60,000 will form Stream 2.

What the difference between NYSC Stream 1 and Stream 2?

There if no difference between Stream 1 and 2. Both are from same batch, and they register at the same period. Only that NYSC camp is not big enough to accommodate all of them at the same time.

How to know if you are going with NYSC streams 1 or 2?

After NYSC online registration, there is only one way to know which stream you belong; that’s “call-up letter”. When NYSC dispatches call-up letter, those who do not receive will know they are in Stream 2.

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NYSC will send Call-up letters to those in Stream1 and ask those in Stream2 to wait. So if you don’t receive call-up letter when those in you are batch are receiving, it means you are in Stream2.

Can I go for NYSC stream 2 rather than stream 1?

The choice is made by NYSC, but there is a way to hack it.

If you want to go for service with Stream1, try to register early, in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd day that online registration start. Doing that will increase your chance to be selected for stream 1.

If you don’t register early, you may not be selected for stream 1, meaning that you will fall within Stream2.

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However, make sure you register within the first 5 to 7 days that registration started, if not you may not get available state slot.

If you have qeuestions, go to the comment section below.

Updated: September 20, 2019 — 3:00 pm

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Humphery is a life coach. He served in Abia State, and has been NYSC info ambassador since 2017. He is knowledgeable enough to guide you. Just feel free to contact him and keep following this blog for his updates.


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  1. What will I do when I received the message that there is no available state slot for deployment? I noticed that I can’t proceed to finish d registration.

  2. Pls sir what happen to those that there names are in the error list after corrections

    1. They will be Mobilized again

  3. I have strong reasons to believe stream 1or 2 is not determined by the time of registration but the time your institution uploads her senate list.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion. Thank you

  4. Gud day sir, i hv registered wit batch c n my call-up letter is nt available, so, will there b stream 2 dis year?

  5. My call up number is out but there is no available slot for state. Wat are my chances of going with stream 1?

  6. pls do i have to take along my primary school leaving certificate & ssce to camp for verification?

    1. Mufutau Rofiat Abiodun

      My name is in batch b,stream 2,can’t I register now?

  7. Is it possible to be mobilize with the JAMB admission of NCE or ND status

    1. Yes, but to be on safe side you need to do JAMB Regularization

  8. Do I need medical fitness certificate for online registration

    1. No, you only need medical report if you are sick and wish to let NYSC know. However medical certificate of fitness is compulsory in NYSC camp

  9. When will nysc upload the senate list?

  10. Humphrey I really commend your effort in helping Nigerian students.You will surely reap the reward.
    Pls I want to know if registration time determine which stream you will belong, i mean something like FIFO(First-in, First-out).

    1. Registering on time plays a major role in determining stream. For example; someone who registered on the first day of registration is more likely to fall within Stream1 than someone who registered a week after.

      1. Will there still be stream 2 this year? Stream 1 is likely to go for camp november.is it possible to go to camp in December?

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