NYSC Medical Refund Letter: How To Get your medical bill refunded

NYSC Medical Refund Letter: How to write for a medical bill refund letter

A lot of Corps members do not know they can ask NYSC for a refund on their medical expenses.

For example; if you’re sick and you treated yourself with your money, it’s your right to ask NYSC to refund you.

Although, it’s your right to get a refund from NYSC, but you must know how to go about it. If not you will end up not getting it.

One way perhaps the only way to get a medical bill refund is by writing a letter to the NYSC state coordinator.

So, in this article, I will show you format for writing the medical bill refund letter.

What you should know before writing letter

  1. Follow the official format for writing the letter which I’m about to show you;

  2. You must have applied for leave on health ground for this to work out;

  3. If you are not treated by a military or government hospital, for one reason or the other. You must therefore get a receipt thereof and a medical report from a Military or Government Hospital.

Note: After applying for a medical bill refund, approval is at the discretion of the National Directorate Headquarters. Also, you will get a refund the rates as the Director-General considers fair and reasonable.

Important Note

The NYSC state coordinator may refund any payment made to a chemist for treatment to a corps Member while on leave.

But only if there’s no Government Hospital in that area, and at the rate the State Coordinator considers fair and reasonable.

Sample of NYSC Medical Bill Refund letter

Below is the format that you show strictly follow when writing the letter;

NYSC Medical Refund Letter

Just replace your details where necessary in the letter above.

If you have any as regards to writing the nysc medical bill refund letter, kindly use the comment section below

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