How To Make Time For Your Side Hustle As A 9-5 Employee

There are a ton of folks out there that have a fantastic idea for a new venture. In fact, you might be one of them. But a much smaller proportion of people actually launch their own businesses.

Why don’t you go from column A to column B then? execution, especially in the beginning. Developing a new interest that has the potential to grow into something greater is most difficult in the beginning. Though, if you know how, you can position yourself for success.

How Make Time for Your Side Hustle

Here are some time-management tips I employ while working a 9 to 5 job to get everything done.

1. Outsource Some Services

People frequently enquire “how some entrepreneurs do it all?” In actuality, They don’t.

Most things still require some of them to manage them on their own, but practically everything else is automated.

For instance, some manage all of their social media with digital marketing tools, which significantly lessens my workload. However, if you calculate the cost versus the time saved, you might find that you’d be paying yourself less than minimum wage to complete a task. It’s acceptable to seek assistance if you feel overwhelmed.

2. Combine Several Tasks

When you initially begin, it can be challenging to reconcile your new activity with your obligations at home and at work. The temptation to multitask could be strong (for instance, composing emails while loading the dishwasher). Multitasking, in my experience, often results in time loss that outweighs time gain. Instead, group work together, including both daily and professional responsibilities.

For instance, cooking one large meal and distributing it across the week is an easy method to save a significant amount of time. It takes less time to reheat some lasagna than to order takeout.

Additionally, you can use your commute to study up on your area of expertise or to listen to pertinent podcasts while taking the dog for a walk.

3. Deploy The ‘Pomodoro’ Technique

Many people make the mistake of pushing themselves too hard when working on their own projects, causing themselves to put in long hours without any breaks. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you are working wisely just because you are working hard.

The Pomodoro technique is based on the notion that it’s crucial to give yourself breaks. Without them, our mind is unable to focus for very long. You have 25 minutes to complete a task using the Pomodoro app, after which you can take a little break (5 minutes) or a longer break (15 minutes). This helps you stay on track while also giving your mind a rest so you don’t feel overworked.

4. Set Up Meetings

Make time each day to work on your side business. Just like a doctor’s visit, this time cannot be changed. Make the most of your time while you are working. Consider whether there are other ways to spend the time instead of merely reading through emails. Even if you had unlimited time, your ability to prioritize tasks will determine how successful you are. To keep track of all the activities I have to complete for my side employment, I like to use the time management app Asana. This is not the same place I maintain my personal and professional to-do lists.

5. Take Part In A Mastermind Group

Three other women who own their own businesses and I meet once a month. We get together to discuss our progress toward our goals and to encourage one another. Being held responsible for someone else can provide you with the extra motivation you require to continue. When you are the only one who can tell if you did or didn’t accomplish anything, it is challenging to stay motivated. Additionally, a little motivation can go a long way.

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