How To Make Your NYSC Programme Peaceful and Hitch Free 

In this article, we will give you tips on how to make your NYSC programme peaceful and hitch free.

How To Make Your NYSC Programme Peaceful and Hitch Free 

Below is how to make your service year peaceful and hitch-free;

1. Respect the culture of your host community

This is very Paramount, especially to those who will be posted to rural areas. Even if you see your host community eating sh*t please mind your business and pass. Don’t try to act like you are from a superior tribe or culture. You won’t finish well if you do so.

2. Respect the religion of your host community

You are there to serve and not to do any form of evangelism/Jihad. Even if your hosts are idol worshipers, mind your business and do what were sent to do. Religion is a very sensitive thing in this part of the world.

3. Humble yourself at your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

You might be more knowledgeable than your boss but you must not rub it on his/face. Be loyal and you’ll be surprised what you’ll accomplish before leaving.

4. Don’t ever hit someone’s child

For those who will be sent to schools, you must use your heads. Do your best and and leave the rest. If you hit someone’s child and something happens, NYSC will not only deny you, you’ll be prosecuted.

5. Don’t date students at your PPA

Please, try as much as possible to avoid dating students teenagers at your place of primary assignment. If you can’t stay without having $ex, find a fellow Corps member. Look away from secondary school students.

6. Stay away from village rivers/Streams

Many Corps members lost their lives in the past because they went to have picnic at near a riverside. Some village streams are evil, and you as a stranger know nothing about it. So, the best you can do is to stay away from village streams/rivers.

7. Do not travel

A lot of corps members have lost their lives due to road accident. You see the pictures on social media? So, when the NYSC DG warned Corps members against travelling outside or within their States of service, some think he’s being wicked. He is only trying to save your life.

These are the few I can recall, please add yours in the comment section below.

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