NYSC Dress Code For All Activities (Camp, PPA, CDS, POP)

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has never changed its dressing code since inauguration in May 22, 1973. In this article, we will show you the NYSC dress code for all activities in the scheme.

This will clear all negative perceptions by setting the record straight on the NYSC dress code. Be informed that NYSC dress code remains, depending on the activity.

Before we show you the dress code for different activities in NYSC, let’s first show you the new dressing rules.

New NYSC dress code rules

The new NYSC dress code rules are as follows;

1. No Corps member is allowed to shape his/her khaki to slim fit, crop tops or three-quarter shorts.

2. The hijab isn’t part of the kits given out to Corps members by the NYSC, therefore will not be tolerated.

3. The use of skirts/or gowns by Corps members during camping is not acceptable.

The complete NYSC kits

The NYSC kits consist of the following:

1. Khaki trousers and shirt;

2. Crested vest;

3. White round neck T-shirt;

4. White shorts;

5. A pair of zebra – striped socks;

6. A pair of jungle boots;

7. A pair of canvas;

8. Belt and face cap.

Approved NYSC Dress Code For all activities

Every corp member is expected to dress in a particular way depending on the occasion. Below is the NYSC dress code for different occasions;

1. Orientation Camp Dress Code

Nysc dress code in camp
Regular NYSC camp dress code

The approved dress code within the NYSC orientation camp is as follows;

  • REGULAR CAMP WEAR: The regular approved dress code is white short, white T-shirt (round neck), white socks and white canvas. So, immediately after your registration, remove your mufti and put on the dress code as state above. You are also required to put on your NYSC state tag at all time with a card holder around your neck. Also, the NYSC cap is compulsory and is to be worn facing front. You wear this everywhere. To parade, kitchen, camp market (Mammy market), to your duty post and even to your room.
  • SWEARING IN CEREMONY: On this day, the dress code is the NYSC ceremonial outfit which is six-over-seven (6/7). That means you are expected to put on the following: (1) NYSC cap, (2) crested vest, (3) NYSC belt, (4) khaki trouser, (5) NYSC sock and (6) the jungle boot. The Seventh wear is the khaki shirt but it is not needed.
  • MAN-O-WAR PARADE: For the Man-O-War parade day, you are to wear the complete seven-over-seven (7/7) kits. That is the only official time you can turn the NYSC cap facing backwards.
  • OTHER CAMP ACTIVITIES: There are several social camp activities such as, games, burn-fire night, carnival and other competitions organized by camp official where corp members from each platoon compete for a prize. Some of these programmes may require the use of foreign or traditional attires. Participating corp members can apply to the camp director through the platoon inspector to get these attires outside to use in camp. These days are free for those participating. However, carnival night is where every corp member can put on anything foreign attire of their choice as dictated by their platoon heads.

2. Religious Outfit in Camp

Before the new law was made, corp members can put on mufti to religious gathering (church or mosque). But is no longer allowed in camp. However, Muslim sisters are allowed to wear shoulder level white hijab. Since, hijab is not part of NYSC kits, they are to bring it to camp.

3. Passing out of camp day

Nysc dressing
Corps members on NYSC 6/7 (ceremonial outfit)

This is another ceremonial day for corps members. This day they will leave Orientation Camp to their various Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). The dress code is 6/7.

4. Community Development Service Days (CDS) Outfit

On the CDS days, corps members are expected to be either on 6/7. But instead of the crested vest, you can wear a white T shirt. However, a little deviation from it is allowed. So, you can wear khaki jacket, or even put on white shoe instead of jungle boot.

5. The SAED programme:

SAED programme continues after orientation camp. But there is no dress code for it. However, it is good to go with at least a means of identification as a corps member. So, you can put on any NYSC marked wear such as jungle boot or NYSC cap or both. Above all, don’t forget to carry your NYSC identity card.

6. Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

Most PPA have flexible dress code for corp members. But there are some clothing’s that may be out of place. This depends on the strong religious affiliation of the person in charge of the PPA. But there is no PPA that frown at NYSC uniform.

7. Passing Out Parade (POP)

This is you last day of serving Nigeria as a corp member. It is another NYSC ceremony. The accepted dress code is 6/7.

8. Unofficial outing

During the period of your service year, you can wear anything you feel like to church, market, social gathering, and so on. However, for security measures it is expected to be with that can identify as a corps member.

Note: Corps members who failed to adhere strictly with the dress code shall face disciplinary measures. White T-shirt or crested vest must be tuck-in at all times. The khaki should go into the socks and if possible padded.

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