Vital Information From NYSC To Batch A Stream 2 PCMs

All the Prospective Corps members should gather here. There is an information from NYSC.

This is to inform Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) that online registration for 2020 Batch A Stream 2 is in progress. The registration deadline is on 21st March 2020.

Kindly note the important information below;

1. Prospective corps members who completed their registrations with Stream 1 need not to register again. They should just relax and wait for their call-up letters. See how to print your call up letter with your phone.

2.  Those who started online registration with Stream 1, but  did not complete it, should login to their dashboards and continue from where they stopped.

3. Prospective corps member who did not register before should start new registration.

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4. If you cannot find your name on the Senate list, contact your institution. CIick here to check your name on the senate list.

5. Prospective corps members who have been posted with Stream 1 but failed to report to orientation camp can revalidate, and go with next batch.

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6. If you are exempted, go ahead to print the exemption slip and take it to your school for processing of your exemption Certificate. See how to process your NYSC exemption Certificate.

Below is an important question asked by a Prospective Corps member:

“I was mobilized for Batch A stream 1 but I didn’t show up in camp due to some certain reasons. What do I have to do to be able to follow stream 2 (April 2)”?

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Best Answer: When Stream 2 Starts printing their call up letters, re-print your own. If the date on it changed, then go with Stream 2. But if there is no change in the date on your call up letter, then don’t go. You still have the opportunity to revalidate and go with 2020 Batch B.

If you have any question, kindly go to the comment section below. Thank you.

Updated: March 14, 2020 — 3:38 pm

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  1. Usama sulaiman yusif

    I don’t understand why NYSC select only female for state of deployment availability.?? Most of men faces problem in completing such places.we need to know if we have no chance in batch A stream 2.anytime checking our dashboard is the same story we reached.( no slot ).more than a week

    1. Be patient, State slot will be available in few days

  2. Unwene Esther otungban

    Pls I can’t print my green card, I do my online registration since on d 14th of this month and have paid for my call up letter on dat same day 14th up till now I can’t print my green card, pls what is d problem, pls tell me what to do

    1. Be patient. You call up number is not yet ready

  3. I was mobilize with batch a stream 1 but getting to camp my finger thump isn’t dropping ..what could be the problem and the way forward to it .and i have been send out of camp.

  4. Do nysc certificate has date of birth on it??

    1. Yes, NYSC has started adding it

  5. I got admission to study literature in English but my school change the admission to History and my name was not on jamb list I had to do a new registration to be able to get approved from jamb and I took it back to my school and there have approved it and up to now I can not registered yet I don’t know what to do am a student of A.b.u Zaria I need advice sir

  6. Pls when is batch B are going?

  7. PLZ SIR my name was on the senate list for batch A,but i did not join the batch due to some personal reasons, plz can i be allowed to join batch B,wen d registration start

  8. yusha'u jibril abdullahi

    Good day Mr Humphrey, I have a problem of date of birth during the registration of stream A 1 and used my WAEC result date of birth through waec verification pin for correction and NYSC board sent me through my Email address that it is corrected and approved but i checked my dashboard yet is not changed and the dateline for registration is 21/3/2020. Please sir, what will i do?

  9. Please sir,what is Domicile letter? Is it compulsory? Please tell me what is all about.pleaseeeeee.Help me please. And again ,i have uploaded everything,married and with a child please tell what to do. Please

  10. What is d actual date of printing call up latter for batch A stream 2

  11. Pls i have a question. My date of graduation is 17 feb 2020 and i will be 30yrs by may 13th. Will i be exempted for service

    1. You will serve provided that you graduated before 30 years

  12. Omotoso moyinoluwa

    Pls can i still change my photo that i used via my phone and how sir

  13. Omotoso moyinoluwa

    What is the probability that those who reg for stream 1 but were not mobilised will be mobilise for 2 stream

  14. I was mobilize to follow stream 1 batch A. But I did not show up in camp because of one reason to another from my school. What are the possible chances that I will join up with stream 2 by April. One of the major reason above is my certificate is not ready for me yet from the school I finish from. Not that I have a problem with the school.

    1. Please, wait for Batch B so you can revalidate

  15. Please sir I registered as married and there is na mistake in my name and I told the person that helped me for registration and he said it be correyin the camp, is there anything I can do to correct it

    1. You can apply for change of name through your dashboard during or after registration.

  16. Anas yakubu Ibrahim

    Sir my name is in batch A stream ll and i don’t want to serve with batch A stream ll due to some personal reason rather batch B in which i will be 30 years old by May 22 and batch B will be around May June will i be allow to serve.

  17. Gangkuba Nuhu Ahmed

    Sir I started my registration before & I wanted to continue but it doesn’t allow me to login to my account any shows me that my login could not be completed.Ensure that your entry exist in my school Senate list with my matric no 12u/410001

  18. I was deployed with the current Stream(Batch A Stream 1) undergoing the orientation exercise ,but unfortunately was unable to go with the stream.

    1). Can I revalidate and go with the next Stream(i.e stream 2 of this Batch A) or I have to wait for the batch B set before I can be able to revalidate

    2). And if Batch B, can I revalidate in a stream different to the one I have previously been deployed .

    1. 1. NYSC revalidation is done Batch by Batch, not Stream by Stream.
      2. Try to revalidate with Stream 1 of any Batch because revalidation may not be allowed during Stream 2 registration.

  19. jibril yusha'u abdullahi

    Please sir, I have a proglem of date of birth during registration of stream A 1 and used my WAEC result date of birth using weac verification pin to change and NYSC sent me approval letter through my Email address that is changed and approved but I checked my dashboard yet is not changed, please sir what will i do and i need your help.

    1. Be patient, just give it some times.

      1. jibril yusha'u abdullahi

        Thanks Mr Humphrey, does it means that it be changed before the registration dateline 21/3/2020.

        1. yusha'u jibril abdullahi

          Pls. Sir, I am still waiting for because the deadline is nearly approached

  20. Akinbayode Afolabi

    Good evening sir, I wasn’t mobilize for batch A because I haven’t print my jamb admission but now I have print it can I still mobilize for batch B

    1. Yes, but you have to sign up for NYSC at the Students’ Affairs Directorate in your school.

  21. Unwene Esther otungban

    Pls i try to apply for changing of date of birth on my dashboard is not working, have been using 1990 in school,and I did my registration yesterday and I saw 1988 as date of birth instead of 1990, pls is there any problem for dat, pls tell me what to do

    1. There is no problem since you were not exempted during the registration.

  22. *Urgent

    Please I am having issues with my dashboard, since I registered I haven’t been able to get my call up number meanwhile friends who registered after mine has gotten. Please hope am safe??
    Meanwhile my basic fear is that everything I click on my dashboard after payment tells me that ” I do not have directory to view this because of the information I provided” pls help.

    1. Are you sure you submitted accurate information to NYSC? If yes, then be patient.

  23. Sir, I know that there is no official date for batch B, but do u have any idea when batch B is likely to begin registration? Tnks

  24. Wanogho oghenevwede

    Hello good day,
    I having an issue when I’m about to do my registration, which state that “I’m in stream,however my school has not submitted Hard copy, be patient ” how long I’m I going wait for this issue to be treated ?

  25. I registered with stream 1 but I keep seeing “you have not been evaluated ” and I have done the physical verification of doc.what will I do.sir

  26. Sir pls, my medical certicate does’nt contains the following tests, HIV,HCV,PCV,HB,BP & so on. Sir i hope there is no problm.

    1. I think it will be accepted in camp.

  27. Unwene Esther otungban

    I want to apply for changing of date of birth but my dashboard is not showing me date of birth, is showing me changing of cause, pls what do I do

  28. When is stream 2 batch 2020 going to camp

  29. what is revalidation in nysc registration?

  30. I applied for correction of date of birth with my WAEC certificate since stream 1 and it is not approved. pls what should I do?

  31. Hello sir, I did my registration with stream 1, I also did change of name because there was a mistake in my name, but the correction is yet to reflect up till this very moment and I couldn’t also print out my call up later so I was unable to go with stream 1. Plz what could be the problem??

  32. Hello sir, I registered with stream 1 and I couldn’t print out my call up later,I also did change of name because there was a mistake in my name,but up till this very moment the correction is yet to reflect and I didn’t also see my call up later.. plz what could be wrong?

    1. You are in Stream 2. Be patient the name will reflect

      1. Thank you sir

  33. Pls my medical fitness certificate doesn’t contain HIV test,and someone said dey won’t allow me in camp,pls how true is it

    1. You will be allowed provided it is not fake medical certificate

  34. Ibrahim kimba ardo

    When forain student start varification

    1. We don’t have official date yet. Be patient.

  35. Nwankwo obasi izuchukwu

    For instance I was posted to BAYELSA but didn’t print my call up letter cause I was not sure if I will meet up cause of one certain issue,, will I still print call up letter and go with stream 2?

    1. Yes,but if the date on the call up letter is 10th March that means you would have to wait for Batch B to come up so that you can do revalidation.

  36. Hi good afternoon.I supposed to go with batch A stream 1 but I got a message to wait for call up letter maybe next stream. Unfortunately my husband has been transfer to Enugu state not Awka again. What will I do BC d kids r in Enugu already.

    1. When you get to camp, you apply for relocation to Enugu.

  37. Good Day Mr Humphrey, please while trying to register yesterday I saw this “you are on stream 2 but your Institution has not submitted hard copy please be patient”. I called my Institution, and they are not ready to submit it yet. Please if they don’t submit before 21st, is there any way out?

    1. No way out. It means you will wait for Batch B

  38. I was diployed to Ebonyi state but there in camp I have a fingerprint issue. What should I do

    1. You can apply to cancel the finger and then do another one. Ask the officials in camp to guide you on what to do.

  39. Ugo Odinakachi Lilian

    Good day, pls my school uploaded the senate list the day stream 2 portal for registration opened, I tried to register but the pop up message notified me that the hard copy has not been submitted to nysc office in abuja. My question is that even as I made an attempt to register and didn’t succeed, will I still be able to follow Batch B because I really want to follow Batch B.

    1. Yes, you can follow Batch B. Just remember your e-mail and password you used for creating account on the NYSC portal.

  40. Why am I seeing *no record found* does it mean schools or NYSC are still uploading names. Plz I need answer.

    1. Kindly contact your school

  41. When are we going to start the registration for batch B please?

    1. There is no official date yet. Just stay with us

  42. Is it true that pregnant and nursing mothers get redeployment after relocating from camp

    1. It is not true, only that they are exempted from camp activities like parade. Only married woman can redeploy on marital ground.

  43. What if the person’s name is out in batch A but decided to go with batch will he or she go about it?

    1. The person can revalidate and go with Batch B

      1. Please the name on my statement of result and that of my call up letter is fatai fatimo remi but the one on my bvn is fatai fatimo remi funmilayo.please I hope it won’t affect me for allawee

        1. There is no problem with that

    2. Anas yakubu Ibrahim

      I am a graduate Modibbo adama university of technology. My name is in batch A stream 2 and i don’t want to go for service due to some personal reason and by May 22 i will be 30 years old and batch b is around May June is there any possibility for me to go service pls.

      1. Yes, you will serve since you graduated before 30 years

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