How To Monetize Twitter With Ticketed Spaces

Are you aware that with the aid of the new twitter monetization tool you can make money? If you aren’t, then ensure you read through to know how to monetize your twitter account.

The tool designed for the purpose of monetizing one’s personal account is known as Ticketed Spaces.

It is a tool that supports creators on Twitter. Read also: 7 Things You Must Avoid On Twitter

A user gets assisted by this tool for speaking/posting, hosting, and moderating general conversation.
Creators ended up having a share in revenue generated via Creators Ticketed Space on tw.

How To Monetize Twitter With The Tool

The first step to accomplish, regarding hosting Ticketed Spaces is to meet up with the criteria.

Once you meet up the eligibility criteria, the next thing to do is to submit your application.

During the initial phase, few applicants will be accepted into the test group, will others on the wait list.

To begin, kindly go to monetization on the sidebar, and locate Ticket Spaces.

From here, you can confirm your eligibility status, and apply if willing.

What Can be Done With Ticket Spaces

With the aid of Ticket Spaces, a twitter User can carryout the following;

  • Host workshops.
  • Meet and greet with loyal fans.
  • Host conversations.
  • Host live and paid event(s).

An illustration video can be watched here;

For those who can’t watch directly should click here

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