Tips for Preparing for Bank Graduate Trainee Program

If you’re a recent graduate hoping to work in the banking industry, you’ll want to know how to prepare for a Bank Graduate Trainee Program. Your initial stop should be a bank’s Graduate Trainee programme. This is due to the fact that you will be acquiring more experience and building networks. Before we go into detail regarding Bank Graduate Trainees, it’s important to know what the Graduate Trainee Program is all about.

A Graduate Trainee is an entry-level officer who can be allocated any task from a list of common tasks performed at a bank. A graduate trainee must work in many sections of the bank, such as teller, new account management, loan desk work, customer service, and so on.

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How to Get Ready for a Bank Graduate Trainee Program

To begin your preparation, you should be aware of certain helpful ideas that will aid you in passing the Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test.

Tips for the Aptitude Test for Bank Graduate Trainee Program

Aptitude tests are used as part of Bank’s multi-stage assessment procedures for staff selection and growth. They’ve been demonstrated to be effective predictors of work performance in studies. The assessment is handled by their training college’s internal recruitment department. They are in charge of the test’s execution.

You should finish the evaluation in 60 minutes, which includes sections on mathematics and quantitative reasoning, English language/verbal reasoning, G.B.A (General Bank Awareness), and current affairs. The amount of time allowed as well as the themes covered may vary depending on the bank.

What is the purpose of the aptitude test?

The following are some of the reasons why banks conduct tests for graduate jobs that most candidates may wonder about.

  1. It aids them in identifying the most qualified individuals for the job.
  2. Identify areas where you can improve as an individual.
  3. Obtain objective information about their potential employees’ ability.

What is the duration of the access bank training?

The length of the programme is also determined by the bank. However, for the majority of banks in the country, you must complete the programme for at least 6 months. a six-month intensive training programme at the School of Banking

What Can a Graduate Trainee Expect?

As a graduate trainee, you’ll be responsible for shadowing various employees, participating in learning activities, attending meetings and workshops, and travelling to other workplaces to gain experience.

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