How To Obtain NMFN CAFF Loan

The Nirsal microfinance bank currently accepts applications for the NMFN CAFF Loan, which can be used to purchase tangible things for your house or place of business. This loan is unquestionably for you if you are a business owner or you are a salary earner.

NMFB CAFF Loan gives Customers (including salaried employees and business owners) the opportunity to purchase physical assets through the Consumer Asset Financing Facility (CAFF), including but not limited to household electronics and appliances, Generators, inverters, and Batteries, Solar Panels, Phones, Motor Vehicles, and Tricycles.

Customers interested in the NMFN CAFF Loan are advised to visit the Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) branch that is the closest to them and politely inquire about the NMFN CAFF Loan.

How it works

  • Applicant Applies Through The Branch
  • Application is received and various checks and analysis conducted
  • Customer receive offer letter for acceptance
  • Loan disbursed

The NMFB has clarified that successfully completing the application process is not a guarantee for the loan in response to complaints from people who complained about applying and not receiving any useful feedback. Only successful candidates will receive funding from NIRSAL MFB after CBN has approved their loan.The general public has also been warned by Nirsal Microfinance Bank to be on the lookout for scams and bogus loan products that falsely purport to be from them. Customers were urged to visit their website to view the nmfb items that are available or to call 09010026900, 09010026901 for further information.

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