See Breakdown Of NPC Ad hoc Staff Average Salary for 2023 Census

Between N50,000 and N100,000 is the typical range of total allowances for the specialized workers, facilitators, enumerators, supervisors, and other census employees.

Please be aware that the main wage will be paid after the census procedure is over. According on their job, each census worker’s typical main pay ranges from N50,000 to N250,000.

Summary Of 2023 NPC Ad hoc Staff Average Salary

The following is a summary of the NPC’s salary and allowances for its ad hoc employees during the 2023 Population and Housing Census:

  • Facilitators N300,000; N150,000 to
  • Field coordinator N140,000 to N280,000;
  • Quality assurance assistants/rovers: N130,000 to N280,000
  • Supervisor N130,000 to N230,000;
  • Enumerator N100,000 to N220,000
  • Monitoring and evaluation officer N150,000 to N30000

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