How To Reactivate Your ALAT Account In 3 Simple Steps

Is your ALAT account marked as inactive? If you answered yes, you have been temporarily barred from using your Wema ALAT Account. However, we’ll lead you through the simple procedure of reactivating your ALAT Account in this article.

ALAT is Nigeria’s first internet bank. Wema Bank, one of Nigeria’s most prominent banks, owns the digital bank. ALAT allows you to conduct practically all banking transactions without visiting a physical bank branch.

In this article, I’ll explain how to use Wema Bank’s USSD code, and how to reactivate your Wema Bank account. So simply keep reading.

About Wema Bank

Wema Bank is a commercial bank and one of Africa’s most resilient financial institutions. Wema has a decade of banking experience, therefore it has remained progressive in giving value to its clients while empowering lives through innovation.

Wema Bank is continually offering new services that are targeted to the needs of its customers at every stage of their lives, assisting them in achieving their objectives. If you have missed Wema Bank and want to return, you may do so in four simple steps.

Why Is My ALAT Account Marked As Inactive?

Your ALAT account may be marked as “Inactive” since you haven’t used it in a long time. Another reason your account is showing as inactive is that you violated Wema Bank’s policy.

Furthermore, your account may be dormant since it has been reported multiple times for suspected scam or fraud. As a result, the account was suspended by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

ALAT Account Inactive/Restricted

A limited or inactive ALAT account cannot perform any banking activity such as money transfer, bill payment, mobile top up, or other transactions. Reactivating your account, on the other hand, will get you back on track.

It is simple to reactivate your Wema ALAT Account. It is possible to do so via a USSD code, the ALAT mobile app, or by calling customer support.

In the meantime, proceed to the following section to discover how to reactivate your ALAT account.

How To Re-activate Your ALAT Account

When your ALAT Account is dormant, use the following steps to activate it:

  • USSD

Dial *945# and pick the option with the “Account Reactivation” prompt to reactivate your ALAT account through USSD code. After that, enter your ALAT PIN to authenticate your activity.

  • ALAT Mobile Banking Application

Copy your account number from your ALAT Mobile banking app. If you deposit at least N500 into the account, it will be automatically reactivated.

For ALAT accounts that have been dormant for five (5) years or more, the money deposited method of account reactivation is required.

  • Contact WEMA Bank

This is another method for reactivating your dormant ALAT account. WEMA ALAT Customer Care Center can be reached by email at or

Highlight the reason for composing the email, call it “ALAT Account Reactivation,” and include a copy of your valid ID card in the email’s attachment.

Final Thoughts

It’s as simple as that to reactivate your inactive ALAT account. You can easily reactivate your dormant account by using USSD, the mobile app, or contacting

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