How to Reduce Internet Data Consumption on Glo, MTN and 9Mobile

Many smartphone users in Nigeria have complained about how fast their data subscription finishes halfway into their monthly or weekly internet, leaving many of them very angry with the network service providers. While we sympathize with people who have felt shortchanged by the mobile internet providers, the problem can be solved as we have found out. In this article, we will show you how to reduce internet data consumption on Glo, MTN and 9Mobile.

What is Internet Data Consumption/Usage?

Internet data usage refers to how the end user (smartphone users) uses the internet data volume they subscribed to, on their phone. Note that the speed of the access and type of activities which the end user carries out is often based on the type of technology in use.

Meanwhile, the speed of access provided by these technologies differs and it affects the amount of data consumed. For instance, the first was 2G technology which was latter upgraded to 3G, 4G and now 5G.

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What does the G Stands for?

“G” means “GENERATION”. It is the signal strength upon which the speed of your internet depends. It always shows in alphabets like 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. The usage of any of these signals impact the speed of your internet and the data consumption.

Causes of Data Depletion/Consumption

The following are the reasons for the high consumption or depletion of your internet data:

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  • Receiving and sending mails.
  • Uploading and downloading of files of all kinds.
  • Browsing pages with heavy pictures, videos and graphics files.
  • Video and music streaming/YouTube/Netflix and others.
  • Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Video calls and conferencing
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How to reduce internet data consumption on your Smartphone

This is very simple. On all your social media apps, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, follow these steps:

  • Open the options (it always appear with three dots sign or three, short horizontal lines).
  • Go to accounts
  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Cellular Data Use
  • Click on Data Saver
  • Once you have done that, the consumption level of your data will reduce considerably.


Updated: August 3, 2021 — 9:21 am

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