How To Register For ICAN As ATSWA Student

In our previous post, we discussed about how you can register for the Institute of Charted Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) in Nigeria. We explained that ICAN is the overseer of accounting regulations and it does so with support from the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN) which is another body created to set accountancy rules in Nigeria.

In that article, you read that ICAN was established in 1965 with the objective of building capacity in the field of accounting in Nigeria. At first, the institution started with just 260 members but now has over forty-thousand certified accountants in Nigeria who are contributing meaningfully in different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

This post will today focus on how to register for ICAN as Accounting Technician Scheme West Africa (ATSWA) student. Ensure you read carefully and take note of all the important information that are shared here.

Before we proceed to the main topic, it is important for you to know that ICAN does not accept change of address until after two years (2). Because of this, ensure that you provide an address that will not be subject to change before the 2years.

For further inquiry, send an email to

Requirement for ICAN registration as ATSWA student

The following qualifications are all that you need to successfully register for ICAN in Nigeria:

  • Ordinary National Diploma (OND)
  • National Certificate of Education (NCE)
  • Other ICAN approved certificates

Once you have the above documents ready, follow the steps below to register:

  1. Pay the sum of sixty thousand naira at any commercial bank on PayDirect

  2. Visit ICAN’s web address highlighted on the PayDirect receipt

  3. Place your scanned passport photograph on the online form

  4. Print and sign the application form

  5. Find a Charted Accountant/AAT member to be your referee and have him certify your credentials.

  6. Attach the following documents to complete your registration:
    i. WAEC/NECO certificates/Statement of Result, OND/NCE
    ii. 2 passports
    iii. Pin voucher
    iv. Birth certificate/Declaration of age
    v. 3 empty A4 envelopes with N50.00 stamp
    vi. Copy of bank payment receipt (PayDirect)

Kindly not that you are expected to submit the above documents to Student’s Education & Training Department at ICAN Secretariat, Murtala Mohammed Way, Opposite Denton Police Station, Ebute Meta, Lagos.


Kindly be aware that we are writing this article as a series in other to serve each of the three categories of applicants according to their information needs. The last of the series will address how to register to become an ICAN member in Nigeria. Registering to become an ICAN member is completely different from registering as a student of Accounting Technician Scheme West Africa (ATSWA).

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