N-Power To Drop 50,000 Shortlisted Batch C Stream 1 Applicants

Are you among the successful shortlisted N-power Batch ‘C’ Stream 1 applicants for Biometric verification? If ‘yes’, do not rejoice yet, as 50,000 people will be kicked out of the program. Not 5,000; it is 50,000.

The reason is because 550,000 applicants were shortlisted for Batch C Stream 1 verification, whereas only 500,000 are needed, and another 500,000 applicants will be shortlisted for Stream 2 to make the total 1 million.

So, order to follow the presidential laid down ‘one million’ as the number of applicants to be shortlisted, 50,000 shortlisted applicants will be dropped from Stream 1.

Therefore, if you really want to be among the N-power Batch ‘C’ Beneficiaries, try your best not to get disqualified because any little mistake will disqualify you.

The best you can do to avoid kick out, is to always follow Npower latest news updates on nyscinfo.com. Once you are informed, you stand a good chance to be selected.

Below are facts on N-power Batch C enrollment 2021:

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8 thoughts on “N-Power To Drop 50,000 Shortlisted Batch C Stream 1 Applicants”

  1. You people are just very confused set of people and cannot do simple arithmetic. Since you are to shortlist one million Candidates in all, one million minus five hundred and fifty thousand is what? Why not shortlist 450 thousand in stream 2 to complete it 1million instead of removing the candidate. See language. Osi kicking out. Mtcheeeewwww….

  2. Ubochi Elijah Ebenyi

    Please those That mistakenly forgot their password as a result of multiple trial on test stage
    Is there any hope of recovering the password to be able to login to dashboard?

  3. Ibrahim Ismaeel Jirgi

    For me is better to absorb all the 550,000,those applicants who made to this phase, really deserves to be among the beneficiaries as they strive hard towards achieving this. Their time,energy and funds is affectively used. Pls Federal government should consider them all except those who exempt themselves for some reason.

  4. Those that don’t write the test, can they join stream 2 or npower will still set another test for the stream 2

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