Npower Batch C Stream 2 Shortlisting Date Is June 15

The Npower Batch C Stream 2 shortlisting will commence on June 15… Continue reading to get the full gist. One of the most frequently asked questions today is ‘when would Npower Batch C Stream 2 be shortlisted?’. In this post, we will give you detailed information about the N-Power Batch C Stream 2, including information on the commencement date, verification requirements, and so on.

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The Minister of the Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Farouq had clarified that government would only absorb one million Nigerian youths into the federal government scheme, known as N-Power. The number was initially set for 500,000, but was later adjusted to one million beneficiaries.

According to the Minister, 500,000 successfully applicants would be shortlisted for Stream 1, and another 500,000 for Stream 2.

Meanwhile, the Minister in his statement disclosed that the total number of registered applicants for Npower Batch C program is 5,042,001. Therefore, 4,045,001 applicants will not be shortlisted for the program. In order to be amongst the successful applicants for Npower Batch C program, always visit for the latest Npower updates.

Kindly note that only applicants who scored above the Npower Batch C cut off mark and meet other requirements shall be shortlisted for the final stage of the selection process (deployment)

Npower Batch C Stream 2 commencement date (shortlisting date)

We are pleased to inform you that Npower Batch C Stream 2 shortlisting date is on June 15, 2021, while selection continues till June 21, 2021.

The Npower Batch C physical verification date will commence on June 25, 2021 and last till 30 June 30.

Note: Applicants that made the pre-selection list will undergo a physical verification, which will be conducted nationwide. Below are things that N-power will verify;

  • Educational qualification (O’level, Degree, HND)
  • Age(Birth Certificate/Age Declaration/Affidavit)
  • BVN(Bank Verification Number)
  • Employment status
  • NYSC certificate
  • LocalG Identification
  • Valid Identity Card (Int’l Passport, Voters Card, NIN).

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Just like N-power Batch C Stream 1, S tream 2 biometric fingerprint capturing will be done on NASIMS portal (

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  1. Please sir, when it is another Npower batch B stream 2 shortlist date? I scored 85 marks. From Ekiti state.
    All stream 2 God will see us through.

  2. Goodday sir/ma,
    Truly i was wondering how can I scored 70
    on my test and I am not shortlist yet but
    someone that that scored 40 on the test
    has been shortlisted and some don’t even
    take the test at all but they were shortlisted.
    Does it mean that there is mistake
    somewhere or what? Please sir let there be
    a correction.

  3. I’m very much interested please, and thanks for sharing and given this information.

  4. May God of bishop David oyedepo and pastor David ibiyeomie touch the heart 💓 of N_Power management to shortlist Lawson Mitovieya, Lawson Egile and Ndubuisi Peculiar in the next stream 2, we are from Ahoada west local Government area, help us

  5. I did the test and it was submitted but later after many weeks I can’t see my test score again please how can you help me out please

  6. Please consider my wife she’s crying for me here everyday that she has never benefits anything from government,Happiness Emmanuel Solomon,River state.

  7. Please do it base on merits,
    Someone score 10 and is shortlisted while another score 75 and not shortlisted.God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.

  8. hajiya sadiya faruq, please help me I am umar Mohammed I’m from borno state Maiduguri, help me.

  9. Please help me sir. I don’t know that registration is going .I later know but they allow me 2 doing test .but it 2 late I dnt wat next sir/ma

  10. We are very grateful to this Buhari’s administration, may Almighty Allah continue assist him to deliver his promises to Nigerian,we would continue praying for your success,we are proud of you mama,the minister of humanitarian,Mama Safiya Umar faruk,God bless you and your family,we are really appreciate for your efforts,God bless you ma.i’m From zamfara state

  11. Am so tired i scored 70% am not be shortlist ,but those who scored 15% are shortlisted .am here to say nobody no what i’ve been in through .i have nothing to say but God i thank u for any condition am in today i will glorify ur name o’God broke the york of my financial delay.

  12. Hello, N-Power Batch C shortlisted names are for stream 1 and specifically for those that registered with their National Identity Card ; For those that registered with their Voters Card will be shortlisted as from 15th of June 2021 which will be for streams 2.

  13. I scored 60%,and on my npower/nasims dashboard I do see take test,I don’t really understand that.please help me and rectify the issue and again please am hoping to be shortlisted in stream 2.Thank yoy

    • Yes if you score half Marck you will be shortlisted for I know of a person that scores 45 percent and the person has done the Finger Print Biometric Verification

  14. I got 70% in the test but I am yet to be shortlisted.I don’t know the reasons behind this.

  15. I want to please with Npower and and Almighty God to shortlist me oh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    View my email and please shortlist me oh😤😤😥😥

  16. I’m Damilola omosayo , when I’m try to take the test after updated my account is telling me that the test has been closed

    • Hi Damilola you try taking the test after June 11 because the test closes on 11th of June 2021.

  17. The candidate ENENCHE JOHN OGBE ID: NPWR/2020/003421618, score 70 in the test but not yet shortlisted. May the almighty God touch their to shortlist me in stream 2

  18. I , Enenche John OGBE, ID NPWR/2021/003421618, scores 70 in Exam but not yet shortlisted. May God touch the n-power Management Team their heart to shortlist me in the stream 2.

  19. I checked my portal is telling me that im not yet been shortlist for this stage,that I should check back again,what does that mean,does that mean we have hope of getting it be that? Pls help us ooo for God sake

  20. I scored 60 on test not yet shortlisted someone that score45 shortlisted ahead of me.pls sir let my name be shortlisted in stream2

  21. I was happy when I was called in cafe that my name is shortlisted but when I gt there it was later said you are not yet shortlisted. This is my third times vof trials, please have mercy on me

  22. I enroled my 10 fingers during the biometric instead of the left /right thumb and index finger instructed. do you think it will cause disqualification even though it said successful at the end of the biometric

  23. Am surprise to see take test again while I have already written test and was scored 60%

  24. What about those applied for N power batch c with evidence which shows that they have changed names,and who did not receive congratulatory message after registration,will this set of people be selected or shortlisted
    In batch c? Please N power,I’m begging you ooo let my name be shortlisted in stream 2 please N Power consider the poor woman.thanks

      • Pls what abt N Agro applicants, when are they going to be shortlisted, bcos I have my name have not be shortlisted upon my score is 70. Pls help me so that my name will be shortlisted I hv suffered so much.

  25. Goodday sir/ma,
    Truly i was wondering how can I scored 70 on my test and I am not shortlist yet but someone that that scored 40 on the test has been shortlisted and some don’t even take the test at all but they were shortlisted. Does it mean that there is mistake somewhere or what? Please sir let there be a correction.

      • My name is ikoi Obia uket applied for n agro I scored 50% not yet shortlisted I don’t know why this is making second time of trials please sir kindly help let my name be among the successful applicants

        • My name is Muhammed Jamiu Soje, applied for N Teach I scored 65 please help me to be shortlisted sir May God see to your problem also.

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