Why You Should Create A WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Whatsapp is the most used instant social media app around the world. It is estimated that more than 2 billion people are on Whatsapp. The flexibility of it operations makes it the first choice of users, as one do not need to go through exhausting registration steps to create, own and operate a Whatsapp account.

Unknown to many people, especially entrepreneurs or business individuals, Whatsapp offers more than the usual communication you have with friends and family via chat, audio and video calls. In a world where people literarily spend a lot of time online, Whatsapp provides a great platform for a marketing strategy.

Those who knew about this important information have made fortunes selling their products and services simply by using the Whatsapp marketing strategy. Also check out how I made N2million from WhatsApp within six months.

Why you should create a WhatsApp marketing strategy

Below are reasons why you should create a Whatsapp marketing strategy for your business;

1. People prefer using chat over phone CALLS

In Nigeria, it is a known fact, that phone calls are way more expensive compare to chat and, as such, most people prefer communicating via chat than via phone calls. As a result of that, reaching out to your potential customers through their most preferred communication channel should be your marketing strategy.

2. WhatsApp is a widely-used messaging platform

Where best could you be, if not a place that is popular among your potential clients, with over 2 billion presence? Whatsapp messenger is a widely used social platform and being on Whatsapp constantly should be a marketing strategy that you must deploy effectively to make huge gains.

3. Your target audience is already on WhatsApp

These days, kids as young as 18 years use Whatsapp. This goes to show that your target audience are already on the platform. According to Experian marketing Services: Whatsapp has a median age of 36 and 71% of users are in the age bracket of 18-44. This is a clear indication that you can never be wrong in choosing Whatsapp marketing strategy.

4. Whatsapp offers high user engagement

According to data provided by blog.hootsuite.com, Whatsapp has a 98% engagement rates and with 90% being responded to within three seconds of receipt. That is unprecedentedly far more than any other instant social messaging app. So your marketing message in all probability will be opened and read on Whatsapp.

5. Permission-based marketing at its best on WhatsApp

Far from what people believe, that Whatsapp marketing could be intrusive and thus become not viable, the platform provides permission-based marketing. This means that you either request them to share their number or to message you first (or they could mark you as spam).


This article has not been concluded yet. This is only the first part of an interesting article. In the next part, you will learn about other 5 proven reasons to create a Whatsapp marketing strategy. The next article will be more interesting and explosively revealing of Whatsapp marketing strategy that will turn your business around, bringing you more sales than you could ever imagined.

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