How to Save iMessage Audio Messages on iPhone (Step By Step)

iMessages are text or audio messages, images, and videos that can be transmitted between Apple devices via Wi-Fi. This type of message is hidden by blue speech bubbles and is encrypted. The iPhone Messages software erases audio messages two minutes after they are sent, according to factory settings. It is possible to save the audio messages and set the option to never expire in the smartphone settings.

It is still possible to send SMS/MMS messages when there is no Wi-Fi network available, either to Apple devices or to cellphones from other brands. This sort of message is shown in green speech bubbles and is not encrypted. You must utilize data from the contracted mobile provider to use the service.

How to send and save iMessage audio messages

  • Open the Messages app on your Apple device;
  • Tap the icon that appears on the right side of the typing box ;
  • Hold it down to record your audio message;
  • To save a received audio message, tap “Keep”.
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You may prevent messages from automatically expiring after two minutes in the iPhone settings, in addition to preserving audio messages.

  • Go to the iPhone “Settings” and select “Messages”;
  • Scroll down the screen until you find the “Expire” option;
  • Tap “Expire” below “Audio Messages”;
  • Tap “Never”.

My Apple device does not receive iMessage

  • Check if iMessage is enabled on your device:
  • Go to iPhone “Settings”;
  • Tap “Messages” and then “iMessage”;
  • Check if the key is activated (green). If not, activate it.

If you have an iPhone and another iOS device, such as an iPad, iMessage can be configured to send and receive messages using your Apple ID rather than your phone number. In the iPhone’s settings, select “Messages.” Confirm that your phone number is marked with a blue tick in the “send and receive” area.

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