How To Select New Npower Program in Your L.G.A

There is a need to select a new Npower Program if the chosen program isn’t available in your Local Government Area (LGA). Hence, you need to read through to know how to Select New Npower Program.

Some Npower Batch C Applicants who were lucky to be shortlisted under the stream 1 beneficiaries weren’t deployed.

This is because the program they selected wasn’t available in their LGA. Read also: Uploading of Npower Acceptance Letter

For this reason, they were given an opportunity to reselect a different program from the initial choice.

Once this is done, such an applicant will be deployed based on the newly selected Npower program.

Steps to Select New Npower Program in Your L.G.A

Affected Batch C Stream 1 applicants are to follow the step-by-step guideline below to select a new program;

  1. Visit the official portal via or click here.
  2. Login to your profile dashboard using your login details.
  3. Click on the writeup ‘Deployment’ to view the programs.
  4. Select the new preferred program and submit.

The programs will pop-up in this format;

  • N-AGRO

Once the submission went successfully, a response will be received from the Npower team, signifying accurate submission.

Those who, in one way or the other confused about not being deployed, should follow this guide.

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  1. I try it several times the box is not showing anything after when i click on the “select new program” so please sir how can i go about it.
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