Uploading of Npower Acceptance Letter

Have you been deployed as a Batch C Stream 1 beneficiary? Have you been accepted by your PPA? if ‘yes’ then this post will guide you on the uploading of Npower Acceptance Letter into the Nasims Portal.

The acceptance letter is no other document, but that which was downloaded/printed as deployment letter from the Nasims portal.

This letter is expected to be taken to your place of primary assignment (PPA) to be signed as proof of acceptance.

The signed letter will thereafter be posted/uploaded back to the Nasims portal via your profile dashboard.

Shortlisted Npower Batch C Stream 1 applicants are at this point advised to visit their profiles on the Nasims portal and get the deployment letter downloaded.

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Whenever an applicant who has been deployed visits his/her profile, he/she should click on the ‘deployment link’ where the PPA, monthly stipends and PPA letter will all display.

The PPA letter is taken to the PPA supervisor within the next three (3) days after download. Read also: Npower PPA Redeployment Application Guideline

The supervisor will, accept or reject the applicant by ticking the appropriate box on the letter.

Ensure you visit the portal again, to re-upload the acceptance letter.

Note: While visiting the deployed PPA, ensure you go along with all uploaded documents for scrutiny.

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This will probably make the PPA supervisor ascertain your qualification, and see reasons to accept you.

Kindly share this post with other applicants of the Npower Scheme, to get them informed. And possibly do the needful in uploading of Npower Acceptance Letter.

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Updated: August 29, 2021 — 8:09 am

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