How to spend your NYSC N33,000 monthly allowance

How to spend your NYSC N33,000 monthly allowance.

Article written by: Godstime Efeni

If I had access to the information that I am about to share with you now while serving in 2017, my allowance won’t have been wasted the way it did.

At the end of my service year in 2018, my remaining allowance was used as transport and miscellaneous. Months later, I began to look for money to do something important things but by then there is no way out.

I don’t want you to make same mistake I made that is why I’m sharing this important information.

How to spend your NYSC N33,000 monthly allowance

The following are best ways to spend your NYSC allowance which is now N33,000;

Focus on learning a high income skill

One of the mistakes many corps members make during their service year is that they don’t learn any skill.

They hope on getting a good job after their one year service of which they don’t. Having a high expectation is not a bad.

In a place like Nigeria, you need to have plan B which can be learning a skill. It’s not just any skill but one which you have passion for and can bring consistent income. See best 10 skills we recommend to every corps member.

When I left NYSC in 2018 without any skill, money was hard to get and job wasn’t coming forth, so I dusted a skill which I learnt during my NYSC.

This is the same skill I’m using to build different streams of income from my smartphone. The skill is called the art of creative writing.

I have written books, sold coaching programs and online courses from this skill. There are many skills out there you can invest from your NYSC allowance.

Don’t squander everything and after the lockdown you are broke and frustrated.

You can learn skills like Ghostwriting, Copy writing, eBook creation skills, Facebook advertising, social media management and so on.

Invest in your personal development

There was a time I saw a post, and one of the comments made me weep because I knew that person will never become rich and relevant in the society. Just ask me how did you know? Well, you can’t reap what you didn’t sow.

A wise man once said that you it is better to fill your brain than to fill your stomach, because a brain with value will in turn fill your pocket and stomach.

The mistake many Corps members make is that they chase after money and neglect personal development.

It is better to pay your N33,000 for a coaching program than to spend it on irrelevant things, do you know why? It is because my mind will always give birth to what I inject into it.

If your mind is always thinking of spending on liabilities then poverty will hug you like a man hanging on a transformer.

Take out some money and invest it in your mental development.

Do you know that some Corps members are still confuse on what they will do after their service year?

This is the time you should look for a coach or mentor who will train you. Take action today and see your future falling in place.

I am sure you have gotten value, do share with your fellow colleagues and friends.

Written by Godstime Efeni
Book Project Consultant, Content Writing Coach.

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