How To Start A Nursery And Primary School Business

Are you a teacher? Are you passionate about teaching and want to take it further to become a school owner or a proprietor/proprietress? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you should take time to read this article to the end. In the article, you will learn how to start a nursery and primary school business in Nigeria.

How To Start A Nursery And Primary School BusinessWhen it comes to development of a society, education is a very essential factor. All developed societies have the best possible basic education system for the children. If you like children and you want to teach and make money, starting a nursery and primary school business should be your plan.

How to start a nursery and primary school in Nigeria

Below are steps to start a nursery or primary school in Nigeria:

1. Carry out a feasibility study of the environment

This is the very first step that you must take towards beginning your own nursery school. Conducting a feasibility study of your environment helps understand the classes of people living in the area. This, ultimately, will be your guide in determining how you will set the school fees. For instance, you cannot spend millions on infrastructures and then charge 100,000 for school fees. Therefore, do your study to ascertain how much they can afford.

2. Choose a location

Unless your plan is to go all out blazing in starting your own school, we advise you consider beginning with a daycare centre in your house. Also, visit existing nursery schools to observe how things work there. This will help your tailor your operations to suit your ideas.

3. Purchase furniture and kids items

Upon deciding on the area you want to locate your school, the next step is to buy furniture and kids’ items you will need. These include, chairs, small tables, toys, games, alphabets and numerical charts, mats and mattress etc. This is just the basic list of items, as you will need more as you progresses.

4. Advertise your business to people

Give a very good attention to this part of your business by taking time to plan how you will introduce your business to the people in your environment. You can make flyers and distribute to people on special occasions, like church services and weddings.

5. Fee determination

As much as we understand you want to make profit, the fees you will set should be based on the quality of service you will render. You have to understand that home based nurseries are cheaper. Thus, make your fees affordable so you can get patronage. However, this shouldn’t be at your detriment.

6. Register your school

While this is very important, you do not need to panic about it. First check your local government office to know if it is mandatory to gain a licence before you can start operations. For future expansion, you will definitely need to register the business.

7. Get a partner

Taking care of kids isn’t an easy work to do. As a result, get a partner who would assist you in controlling the kids. Irrespective of how good you may be at managing kids, having to manage 10-20 kids shouldn’t be underrated, as it can be exhausting. Having a partner will save you a lot of energy.

Source: Nyscinfo

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