How To Submit Your Bank Details On NPC Recruitment Portal

Be informed that applicants of the National Population Commission (NPC) for ad hoc staff recruitment whose application status has been approved for the conduct of 2023 population and housing census are required to submit their Bank Details on the NPC portal. In this post, we will show you how to submit your Bank details to NPC Portal.

It is crucial to submit your bank details to NPC, as through this, your training stipends and NPC allowances will be paid. Failure to submit your account details means no stipends payment for you.

Before we take you through the steps to successfully submiting your bank details on NPC Portal, kindly note that only applicants whose applications have been approved can submit their bank details.

How to Submit Your Bank Details On NPC Recruitment Portal

To successful submit your bank details, follow the steps below:

1) Visit the NPC Ad hoc staff recruitment portal.

2) Click on “Check Application Status” button.

3) Enter your ‘NPC Application Code’ or NIN.

4) Click “PROCEED” and wait a few minutes.

If your application status is showing “Approved”, you will see a button labelled “Submit Bank Details”.

5) Click on ‘Submit Bank Details’ button.

6) Enter your correct Bank Account Number and Select bank.

Now that you have successfully submitted your bank details on the NPC portal, you are entitled to NPC Ad hoc staff Stipends. You may like to check NPC salary for ad hoc staff.

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9 thoughts on “How To Submit Your Bank Details On NPC Recruitment Portal”

  1. Moove Saater Collins

    Good day Sir/Ma, Please mine was approved and I submitted my Bank details but yet to get my invitation message.

  2. Anifat Onaolapo Salawudeen

    I received mail to undergo online courses December, 2022 which I completed. My name was shortlisted for the state facilitators training which I attended yet, my status is pending. If you don’t have anyone, you can’t get anything done.

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