Why You See ‘Please Retry’ When Checking Status On NPC Recruitment Portal

A lot of people who applied for the National Population Commission (NPC) Ad hoc staff recruitment are worried about the recent notification they are getting each time they check their application status on NPC Portal.

The notification/message reads, “please retry” when they check their application status on the National Population Commission Ad hoc staff recruitment portal. See screenshot below.

NPC please retry

If you are reading this post, first cIick here to check your NPC application status. If you are seeing “please retry” then this post is for you.

Why you see ‘Please Retry’ on NPC Recruitment Portal when you check application status

The primary reason you are seeing “please retry” is because the NPC management is still reviewing your application. Their portal was affected by bugs, which resulting in many applications still ‘pending’ despite being approved.

Please, do not panic, once the NPC management is through with your application, you will begin to see your application status once more. Thanks for reading this post. Kindly share this post to help other applicants.

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6 thoughts on “Why You See ‘Please Retry’ When Checking Status On NPC Recruitment Portal”

  1. I got notification to attend training late, that was after the training was concluded. I tried to fill the feed back, I keeps telling me unavailable, try again later
    I don’t know if it was network issues
    What can I do please

  2. Please can someone change his/her account details to another bank because of may be the account details submitted earlier is a salary account.

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