How To Subscribe To Smile 4G Data Plan

On the Smile 4G network, purchasing any data plan of your choice is quite straightforward.

You can subscribe online using one of the methods listed below:

You may also use the MySmile platform to pay for a smile data plan.

  1. Go to to use this approach.
  2. Then, under Log in, enter your username and password to log into MySmile. Select the bundle you’d like to recharge with now.
  3. Select your Smile account and Smile SIM card after entering your email address.
  4. Finally, you can use VISA or MasterCard to make a payment.
  5. Smile 4G subscribers in Uganda can recharge their accounts using the following methods.


To make a payment with Mobile Money, VISA, or MasterCard, go to and click on XpressRecharge.

Mula App

Smile is the Mula app for Android devices. It allows you to simply recharge your Smile 4G on your phone. In the meanwhile, iPhone users can get the ChapChap app from the App Store.

 Recharge through Mobile Money

You can recharge with SmileData by dialing *165# on your phone, then selecting “Payments” under “Goods and Services” and entering the code “SMILEDATA.”

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It’s critical to reload the exact quantity of data you wish to buy to avoid having your money converted to Smile airtime.

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How to Check the Balance of Your Smile 4G Data

You can find out how much data you have left by going here.

  • Customer service at 4G Smile
  • Customers can contact Smile Nigeria in a variety of ways. You may contact them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as chat with them online or send them an email at their email address.
  • Smile Communications Nigeria on Facebook:
  • Smilecomsng is on Instagram at

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