How To Track A Missing Phone In Nigeria For Free

Are you finding it difficult to locate your mobile phone? Or have you lost it to phone thieves and desire to track it? If your answer ‘Yes’, then you will find this article helpful as we guide you on how to track cell phone number in Nigeria.

How to Track a phone number in Nigeria for FreeFirst off, you need to understand that there are countless platforms on the web that front as phone tracking solution providers, and while a number of them are genuine, others are a scam and are bent on using the phone details provided either for marketing or fraudulent purpose.

That being the case, it is incumbent on anyone looking out for a phone tracking service to do his/her due diligence on websites visited for this cause.

This means that one has to conduct some background checks to ascertain the credibility of the site, and also look out for reviews from past users to be double sure before entering the details required on such sites.

That said, it would be proper to state that the best way to track a phone in this current dispensation is through GPS Technology.

This is a feature that comes in-built on the latest mobile devices, be it Android, iOS, and the likes. With the GPS turned on, it would be much easier for a phone’s location to be detected at high proximity.

Requirements to track phone number

To facilitate the process of phone tracking, one must have the following;

  1. The missing phone number.

  2. IMEI Number (a unique number assigned to every phone which can be gotten by dialing *#06#).

  3. A good internet connection.

  4. Smartphone or internet-enabled computer.

These are just the basic requirements if you need to track your device by yourself, extra information may be required, depending on the tracking method employed.

Please note that in cases of stolen phones, one has to make a formal report at the nearest Police station for documentation purposes.

How to track a lost phone: (Important mobile Applications that can do the job

1) Find my Device by Google: This is a free application by Google LLC that makes it super easy to locate your phone. The app combines the use of Google Maps and the phone’s location feature (GPS) to trace the phone down to its approximate location.

The Find My Device app is easy to use and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. Users can also use the web version by simply typing ”find my device” on the search box at Once done, the system would automatically launch a search and come up with the phone’s current location on the map.

However, the location feature and internet connection on both devices must be on, and the person searching must have a valid Google account where both devices are signed in.

2) Caller ID and Number Locator: This other application serves the purpose of phone number tracking and caller identification. It is free to use and has an expanded database of cities from which one can choose from.

Tired of getting calls from spam numbers? Caller ID and Locator can help you block such numbers and prevent them from calling you in the future.

3) Truecaller: The Truecaller app is one of the most used mobile applications to trace unknown phone numbers. Just like Google’s Find My Device, it has the web option where you can visit and enter the phone number you wish to trace and it would reveal the identity of the caller.

Search results from Truecaller may not be as accurate as you want them at all times, but it does serve the purpose of getting a clue of who is trying to get to you. You also have the option of marking a number as spam for others to know and take caution.

Apart from the use of mobile applications, there are other ways one can go about the tracking of phones and phone numbers, and they are:

4) Contacting the Police: The Police has a special unit that specializes in tracking and recovering lost or stolen mobile devices. Though the chances of tracking and recovering a lost device through this method are higher, it should be noted that the process takes time and costs much money.

To go about tracking this way, you will need to present the receipt of the stolen phone together with the IMEI Number at the Police station, pay the stipulated amount of money and wait for them to do the tracking.

5) Contacting your Network Service Provider (NSP): This is one of the most effective ways of tracking a phone number in Nigeria, the reason being that as Network Service Providers, (MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, etc.) they have detailed information about every phone subscriber including very personal details like fingerprints.

They also keep account of activities carried out on the phone numbers linked to their network, so they can combine these details and effect the tracking of any phone number if the need arises.

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