How To Upgrade Prepaid Meter | Follow These 4 Simple Steps

Are you a landlord or a tenant using electricity prepaid meter in Nigeria? Have you heard about the need to upgrade your prepaid meter in order to make it work effectively because of a new software that will be launched soon? Do you want to learn how to upgrade your meter with ease? If your answer to the questions above is yes, then you are reading the correct article. Ensure you read through to the end ass we teach you how to do the upgrade without stress, and without the need to pay anyone to help you to do it.

The Nigerian Electricity Distribution Companies [DISCOs] announced that a nationwide software update will affect all prepaid meters in the country,  beginning November 24, 2024, causing meters to stop taking old tokens until they are upgraded.

As a result of that, customers with prepaid meters will be required to upgrade their meters in a simple process in order to make prepaid power vending systems more secure and Token Identifier (TID) rollover compliant.

Below are the 4 Simple Steps to upgrade your meter:


Visit any of our offices to request q KCT tokens if you haven’t received them at your first vending after August 1, 20235


Ensure your meter is powered on, enter first Key Change Token (KCT1) into your meter using the keypad or the meter’s user interface (UIU, CIU) Once successfully accepted, your meter may show ‘successful’, ‘2’ or ‘blank space’


Enter second Key Change Token (KCT2) into your meter using same method as before. Once successfully accepted, your meter may show ‘ok’ or ‘good’.


If you also purchased a vending token, enter it into your meter after loading KCT tokens to complete the upgrade process. Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your meter.

Final Thoughts

We strongly advise you to upgrade your meter as soon as possible to ensure token compatibility and to avoid any problems.

Please keep in mind that you must enter the KCT tokens one at a time as indicated, and that you must only use the provided KCT tokens for the meter upgrade process.

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