How to use Instagram Reels to boost your business

Nearly three years after Tik-Tok was launched, Instagram unveiled Reels, a carbon copy of Tik-Tok. This was started to prevent migration of users from Instagram to Tik-Tok, though many Instagram users are still uploading Tik-Tok videos on the platform. Reels enables you to share 2 – 30 seconds videos accompanied by soundtracks. This feature allows you to edit video with different effects, audio and texts. In this article, we will show you seven ways you can use Instagram Reels to elevate your business and brand.

How to use Instagram Reels to boost your business

Now, here are the seven ways you can use Instagram Reels to boost your business and brand:

1. Education

You can educate your prospects about the service you are offering or the products you are selling by making videos on your different locations, how to use your products, product benefits, FAQs, etc.

2. Drive TOMA and Build Visibility

TOMA means Top Of the Mind Awareness. You can use Reels to create awareness and visibility for your business or brand. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to go through any stress because Reels appear automatically on Explore. As a result, you don’t need to promote Reels before they can be seen. Ensure you leverage on this and make your business and brand more visible.

3. Product showcase

A good number of vendors are already using Reels to display their products and services. You can join the train and let people know your new product and the services you provide.

4. Build Trust and Humanize

Yes, you want to make profit. But before that can happen, you need to build enough trust in people before they can buy your products or request for your service. Put a notable face to the brand through Reels. This will help build trust in your prospects. Also, bring in the human factor into your brand and service. Create a connection with people by trying to be in their shoes.

5. Positioning

Make your product distinguishable by helping people understand your products and the service offering. Be as clear as you can in putting your product and service in the mind of your customers and prospects.

6. Share reviews

Always compile some reviews from customers in a video and share to followers. This will also help to build trust. Example of tags “where we were” and “where we are now”

7. Embed on Websites

Instagram lets you insert Reels on your website. You can compile all your reviews, brand education and audio and insert them on your website.

Source: Nyscinfo

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