How To Use Keystone Bank USSD (*533#) For Transactions

Keystone bank is a tech based and service-oriented commercial bank providing trusted and stress-free solutions to its customers. Keystone was birthed on the backdrop of the now defunct bank PHB of its failure to meet the recapitalization policy of the central bank of Nigeria, leading to the revocation of its operational licence. Also check how to use Stanbic IBTC internet banking.

It was this revocation that brought about Keystone who took over all the assets of bank PHB to begin its own operations. Currently, Keystone bank operates 154 branches, 2 international subsidiaries and 1 domestic insurance company which it were part of the assets it inherited from bank PHB.

In this article, we look at how you can use the short code to carry out different kinds of transactions from the convenience of your home or anywhere that you can access mobile phone network in Nigeria.

Keystone Bank *533# USSD Code

In fulfilment of its promise to render stress-free banking services by giving 24hrs access to its customers, the bank launched its *533# banking platform on 13th July, 2017.

This service was introduced to enable bank customers carry out banking transactions by dialing the unique code on any kind mobile phone. It offers interbank transfers through third party, buying of airtime, payment of bills, balance inquiry, etc. All these can be performed with airtime and internet connection.

How to use Keystone Bank USSD (*533#) for Transcations

  1. To transfer money from your bank account to third party account (different bank account), dial or press 533amount*NUBAN Account No# and press the send button.

  2. To carry out intra-bank transfer of funds, that is, transfer of money from Keystone bank to another Keystone bank, just dial or press 533Amount*NUBAN Account No#. It is very important to note that these processes can only be carried out on the phone number registered with your bank.

  3. To buy airtime from your account for your personal use, kindly dial or press 533Amount#.

  4. Meanwhile, to buy airtime for someone else or for your other phone number which is not registered with your back, dial or press 533Amount*Phone number#. After this, you will see a displayed messages on your screen asking you to authorize the transaction by inputting your 4-digit secret transaction pin.

Keystone Bank Customer Care

Like other banks, Keystone has a well-equipped customer care department that assists customers to resolve issues that do not require their presence in the bank. See the customer care email and contact phone number below:

Phone Number: +234 700 2000 3000.

Source: Nyscinfo

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  1. Babangida Mohammed

    Am try to get a small loan from your bank but every time I *533# is showing me sorry the service provider is currently not available please try again later why

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