Solutions Journalism Africa Fellowship 2021

Are you into journalism, lecturing or creativity with the interest of promoting health in Africa? Do you think you have the ability to foster solutions via media be it in written, visual or oral form? If ‘yes’ then waste no time in applying for the 2021 Solutions Journalism Africa Fellowship inaugural edition.

This initiative is actually meant for those who are citizens of Nigeria and Kenya, having the ability to create solutions via art projects or journalism -focused project.Solutions Journalism Africa Fellowship

Participants will be funded with two thousand US Dollars ($2,000) which will be used to startup or expand their projects, being pioneers of the program.


The criteria for prospective participants is stated as follows;

  • Be a Nigerian or Kenyan
  • Working as a journalist (either as a freelancer or with a news firm)
  • Be a registered personnel on SJN’s portal.
  • Be available for training before the commencement of the program.
  • Applicants should participate as individual, that is to say a firm who wishes to apply should send a representative.


The participants (Ten from Nigeria and Ten for Kenya) will have to;

  1. Head group of journalist, media innovators, Artist, and Photographers with ideas that can improve Africa Journalism.

  2. Be trained on the submitted proposal so as to acquire the relevant skills.

  3. Have access to the Africa initiative cohort in four (4) different countries, alongside access to Solutions Journalism Africa Network’s of over five thousand (5,000) journalist and SJN staff members globally.

  4. Get an honorarium worth two thousand US Dollars.

  5. Be available till the end (August 2021 to November 2021).

How to Apply Solutions Journalism Africa Fellowship

Interested applicants are to apply via the official portal created for the 2021 Solutions Journalism Africa Fellowship.

Selection Process

The selection process of the Fellowship is as follows;

  • 9th of June to 3rd July: Portal open for acceptance of Application from prospective fellows.
  • 12th of July: Application status sent to applicants.
  • 13th July to 19th July: Second round for successful applicants where they will be compared to take an assessment on ‘What Is Solutions Journalism?’ to ascertain their level of knowledge in journalism.
  • 21st of July onward: A 30mimutes Interview session by finalist with Solutions Journalism Network.
  • 6th August: Chosen Fellows will be onboarded.
  • 9th August: Kickoff call for Fellows.
  • 22nd November: Conclusion of the Fellowship.
  • 30th November: Sent forth call, after submission of final report by Fellows.

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