How To Use New WhatsApp Reactions Feature

Follow this simple step-by-step guide if you want to learn how to use WhatsApp responses features.

All WhatsApp users can now access the Reactions feature. The announcement comes almost two weeks after the Meta-owned app introduced the functionality. All users will have access to the most recent update. Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the news on his official Facebook page.

“Reactions on WhatsApp start rolling out today,” he wrote in his post. “We’re including to help spread thanks and appreciation,” he continued. More expressions will be available soon.”

WhatsApp said in April that a raft of new features will be coming to the app soon. This contained the ability to have many individuals in a WhatsApp phone call, as well as the Communities feature. The voice call option is now available to all users, while the Communities feature is still being developed.

The Reactions function was one of the innovations unveiled last month. This functionality will allow users to respond to single messages more rapidly. To react to a message, users previously had to input an emoji, but now they can do so instantaneously by merely pressing and holding the message they wish to respond to.

How to Make Use of WhatsApp’s Reactions

  • Open any chat you want to respond to first.
  • Keep your finger on the message you want to reply to.
  • As soon as you do, a pop-up with six distinct emojis will appear.
  • It’s as simple as dragging your thumb or finger to the appropriate emoji and leaving it there.
  • The response to that specific message will then be displayed.


Because Facebook owns Whatsapp and Instagram, they’re striving to combine all of the finest features into their platforms. In group discussions, this new Whatsapp function will come in handy.

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