How To Withdraw From ATM Without ATM Card

Have you ever thought of withdrawing money from ATM without ATM card? Due to the incessant issue of long queues in the banks today, the use of ATM card for cash withdrawals has become a norm accepted by the general populace. Today, you will barely find people who do not walk around with their ATM cards in the pockets or in the bag. Despite this, there are still people who often forget their cards at home, while others lose theirs either by robbery or by chance. There are others that expire and the user may not have the time to visit the bank for a renewal.

Which is your situation currently, you do not have to worry because technology has become your closest friend as it has made things for very to be done these days. In this post, you will get to know how to withdraw cash at any ATM in Nigeria without using your card. The advantage of this is so great that it is the best option in these days of economic hardship that has seen a huge rise in robbery. And ultimately, your ATM is always a prime target.

What is ATM Card?

The Automated Teller Machine Card is a financial transaction card designed for payment. It is issued by commercial banks. With it, customers have access to their monies anywhere they go. Note that ATM card differs from the credit card. But for this article, we shall talk about that in subsequent article.

How to withdraw from ATM without ATM card

Below is how to withdraw cash without using ATM Card in Nigeria;

  1. When you login to your mobile banking app, you will see many menu options. Locate and click on “Services”.

  2. Select “Cardless Withdrawal. Upon selecting cardless withdrawal, options such as “Get taken status, Cancel token, and atm locations) will display. Choose cardless withdrawal.

  3. Input information requested. Then choose the account from which you want to make withdrawal, the amount you want, phone number, and your transaction PIN.

  4. Click on generate token and you will have the taken code sent to the phone number you registered with your bank.

  5. Visit an ATM spot close to you and tap any key on the machine. Then you will see the option for cardless withdrawal. Tap on it to proceed.

  6. In the field provided on the machine’s screen, input the pay code sent to your phone and pin, and press Ok. Wait for few seconds and your money will be out as if you used a card.


It is important for you to know that bank charges may apply. And irrespective of the charges, it is safer to activate cardless withdrawal on your app. That may save you on a bad day.

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