How to Write a Good Resignation Letter

The big question most people ask is “why on earth do I have to write a resignation letter when its just about me leaving the job?”, “Despite the treatment I got and the circumstance surrounding my exit, why should I waste my time learning to write one? The truth is that you shouldn’t burn the bridges behind you and the way you are remembered for the last time can influence a lot your relationship with that organization in future.

Writing a good resignation letter says well about your personality and helps you to command a great deal of respect. It could even leave the door open for you to seek that company’s help and put in a great recommendation for you.

With a simple practice of writing of writing a resignation letter, you give the company an opportunity to get a replacement for that position. It also allows you to exhibit professionalism and stage an opportunity to have an hitch free dialogue with your employers.

The main aim of this content is to help you understand what a resignation letter really is and answer your questions of how you can write a great one by giving you step by step tips on how you should go about writing it. In every case we have got you covered.

What then is a resignation letter?

A resignation letter is an official letter, written to express your desire to leave your role with a company, explaining the reasons influencing your decision and expressing your gratitude for the great professional experiences and partnership you have enjoyed with the company so far.

It is a document that states simply that you are leaving officially. The protocol is to give a prior notice and conversation with your employers at least 2 weeks before your resignation is finally submitted. It allows for a hitch free passage.
Key things your resignation letter should contain:

  1. An introductory paragraph introducing yourself and your position in the company giving details of your role in the organization.

  2. Gratitude to your bosses, highlighting the great experiences you enjoyed and how they have improved you.

  3. Explain what you have planned in a bid to have a successful handover.

How do you write a good resignation letter?

Having seen why a resignation letter is necessary and the main things it should contain, the most important thing now is to walk with you, showing you how you can write one.

We are going to see now step by step tips that will make writing a resignation letter a cake walk anytime and everytime.

1. Give an introduction of who you are

You introduce yourself by stating your intent for writing the letter after which you indicate you position and a brief of the reason for which you intend leaving. Your introduction should also include the exact date for which you intend to vacate your position.

Example: “I wish to tell you that I would be vacating my position as the head of the engineering department in the XYZ corporation, effective, December 21st 2020.

2. Gratitude to your bosses, highlighting the great experiences you enjoyed and how they have improved you

In order to ensure that a sustainable connection exists between you and your boss, you should express gratitude for the wonderful experiences you have had with him.

You could also show how your relationship with him have improved you as a person and as a professional.

You must be careful to ensure that you aren’t generic when citing instances. You can also point out what you admire the most about the organization’s principles, operations or practices.

This endears you to your employer. Also of importance is to express gratitude for the time and resources the company have sown in you as well as the opportunities they have gifted you during your time together.

Example: “With great enthusiasm, I wish to express my gratitude for the opportunities I have been presented by this organization in order to fine tune my skills as a mechanical engineer in the area of AI development and machine modelling using 3D designing, making me a professional fit to compete with international colleagues.”

“It is with great pride that I look back at the moments I have spent with XYZ corporation and I have enjoyed every bit of it. The work space is excellent and the treatment given to all workers is overwhelming. It is a great honor to have served here.”

3. Plan of having a successful handing over

You should express in your letter your readiness to assist the organization in the transition process. You should also be cautious so as not to state beyond your capabilities as to how you can help.

But your readiness to volunteer for the organization within the period of transition will establish a grand perception of what kind of person you are and help you crystalize a smooth connection between you and the company.

Example: “I would be happy to assist in every possible way during the period of transition. I am also willing to assist in getting my replacement if the need arises. Every bit of detail needed to smoothen the transition process will be made available by me without any reservation whatsoever.”

You could also give an overview of your job responsibilities currently and what project you are handling either as an individual or as a group and what roles you play.

It will enable the organization to know what the progress of your office or department is and how the new replacement can be introduced with ease as well as where he could continue.

Overall, you should give a nice conclusion to your letter that cements the good impression you have created in your letter so far.

We hope that this content have helped you to understand what to do and how to go about writing a resignation letter anytime you are required to write one.

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