How to Use MTN MoMo Agent Code to Create MoMo Wallet

The MTN MoMo platform is presenting you with a lot of opportunities and such giving you more easier options. By dialing the MoMo code, you could become the MoMo service agent which enables you to render services like transfer and cashing of funds, paying of electricity and television bills among others.

By using the step by step description, we want to guide you with this content how you can go about it without stress.

The process starts by dialing the MTN MoMo code *502# on your registered MTN line. After you have carried out that action, you would be shown a prompt asking you if the details of you SIM registration can be utilized for the process.

The next thing you do is accept that menu.
The initial action of dialling the *502# converts your MTN line to a MoMo wallet.

This wallet enables you to keep funds that you can either transfer or used to pay bills of sorts even for buying of airtime.

On successful creation of the MoMo wallet, a message of this kind is sent to you.
“Congrats (John for example) your MoMo agent wallet has been opened. You phone number 08026************ is now your account number. Please, transfer funds to your account to commence!”

After this moment, you can dial the MoMo code *502# to execute any transactions provided by the service.

Once the code is dialled, a menu shows up and a couple of options are displayed with numbers corresponding to them. This is how the menu looks like:

  • Sell airtime/data
  • Send/receive cash
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pay bill
  • Bal/comission
  • Float
  • Special offers
  • My account

Once the above menu is displayed after dialling the MoMo code, the menu also has a bar at the end of the list that allows you to type-in your request.

You type-in the number that corresponds to the action you wish to carry out.
For example, 2 is sent for sending and receiving of cash or 4 us typed and sent if paying of bills is what needs to be done at the moment. Also check out: how to Fund MTN MoMo Agent Account in Nigeria.


In order to complete the registration as a full MoMo agent, one has to visit the nearest MTN office to complete the MoMo agent form.

Required documents include a passport photograph and a means of identification such as the National identity card, passport or a driver’s license.

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