How & Where To Easily Get Investors In Nigeria

Nigeria is a nation with a lot of promise, and investors are constantly looking for fresh chances. There are various strategies to attract investors to your Nigerian business, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that they will only fund endeavors they are confident will succeed.

You’re really lucky to have passed the initial screening if you’re an entrepreneur in Nigeria with a viable business idea. You shouldn’t limit yourself to having one business concept because there are many more in the idea graveyard. Instead, move on to the following phase, which is writing a business strategy.

This is extremely important since, in the perspective of the audience, your business is only as good as your business plan. So don’t follow people that carry their business plans around like a cross. Find an investor to help you realize your ambition of starting your own business.

How To Get Investors In Nigeria

Here are some pointers on how to quickly attract investors for your Nigerian business:

1. Carryout A Research

Do your research and learn everything there is to know about your project before approaching any possible investors. Investors want to see that you are confident in the success of your firm and that you have a well-thought-out plan for it.

2. Present A Credible Image

When meeting with potential investors, make sure you and your staff present well because first impressions matter. Be well-spoken and dress professionally.

3. Present A Strong Business Plan

Perhaps the most crucial advice is this one. Financial forecasts, marketing strategies, and specifics about your target market should all be included in your business plan, which must be completely comprehensive.

4. Be Ready To Answer Harsh Questions

Be ready for some difficult questions because investors will want to know everything about your business before they commit any funds. Be sincere and open in your responses, and demonstrate that you have thought about every facet of the venture.

5. Make Special Presentation

Nigeria is a very competitive market, so it’s crucial to provide investors with a unique offering. Make sure you have something to offer that will make your idea stand out from the competition, whether it is a novel technology or a cutting-edge product.

6. Where Can I Simply Find Investors In Nigeria?

Seven ways were also offered for finding investors in Nigeria. Regardless matter what anyone may have told you, there are lots of investors looking for (actual) businesses to support.

7. Workshops And Conferences

Business owners and investors frequently try to avoid skipping seminars and workshops if they have the time. While some courses are designed with participants in certain industries in mind, others are open to everyone. Seminars or workshops frequently interest investors, especially those employed in the sector. Therefore, make an effort to go get investors. You will have learned something even if you are unable to get an investor.

8. Email Proposal

This tactic has worked for some business owners, but not for others. Even while accumulating the emails of possible investors can result in one expressing interest, this approach is uncommon because some investors might consider such emails to be spam and decide to ignore them. There are websites that provide the email addresses of investors and angels if you want to give it a try.

9. Social Media

Investors have accounts on one or more social media sites, much like the majority of people in the twenty-first century. Since LinkedIn is mostly used for business contact and connections, it seems to be a key player in the development of Entrepreneur-Investor Connect. You can use LinkedIn or any other social media platform to discover local investors.

10. Alumni Events

Have you ever attended an alumni gathering at your college since you graduated? In that case, you should attend the following one since you might meet a wealthy alumnus or alumnus who knows a financier who might be prepared to support your start-up. You both went to the same university, which offers you a foundation on which to establish a connection and puts you one step ahead of the game.

11. Forums

One of the quickest ways to get in touch with investors is through online forums. A lot of entrepreneurs have gotten start-up money from an investor they met on an online forum. Additionally, you ought to sign up for additional websites like,,, and others that are more structured and dedicated to bringing investors and entrepreneurs together.

12. Networking Events

These kind of gatherings are commonplace and enable businesspeople from many sectors to network (for example, fashion, online, food, etc). (Delivery services, media & public relations, health & fitness, etc.) The most latest information can be found on websites like,,, and others. You should keep an eye out for these events to ensure that you don’t miss them.

13. Angel Group

If you’ve never heard the term “angel” before, it refers to the individuals who make investments in various investment groups. Investors increasingly create groups that are entirely focused on helping budding business owners.

One can approach investment organizations and persuade an angel investor to support the project with the help of a professionally written business plan. It’s like getting a contract, really. One can do a thorough and methodical online search for investment groups in Nigeria even if there are more organizations in Nigeria than there are individual investors. Currently, the only website that caters to Nigerians is

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