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The 2021 summer application for Human Right Teaching is open. This program is basically arranged for young leaders who are into ‘Human Rights Education’ in their various societies. Groups of the community members are brought together by the fellows to discuss, and learn about Human Rights.

The fellowship of the teaching human rights is a Human projects program, that has being helping individuals to know their rights and how to handle cases relating to human rights.

Actually, the Human projects is a worldwide youth run non-profit program that is empowering young leaders to help them solve human rights issues in their own societies/communities, and providing individual around the world with human rights education.
Programs that empower young people to solve human rights issues in their societies/communities is implemented, and developed.

Educational materials is also provided to classrooms around the world.


  • Fellows of the teaching human rights will;
    Have the chance to network with past, and current fellows.
  • Have the access to all community organizing materials, and human projects educational.
  • They will be recognized publicly for their work on the website of human projects.
  • Have the chance to share about their human rights via blog post, social media futures, and social media takeover experience.
  • Fellows who are successful with the completion of the fellowship responsibilities will be provided with a virtual certificate of recognition.


  • Interest in human rights activities should be possessed by applicant(s).
  • One schedule fellowship activity may be missed by applicants. Certificate distribution or welcome meeting may not be the said activity. There will be a removal from fellowship if applicants fails to attend certificate distribution, welcome meeting, or two (2) fellowship activities.
  • Anyone can apply undermining the location of the individual in the world.
  • All fellowships responsibilities listed on the program calendar (introduction post, program planning, Bi-weekly check Ins, fellow information form, etc). A removal from the fellowship may occur when there is failure to complete responsibility.
  • Welcome meetings must be attended by applicants (on 6th of June by 4pm GMT) while certificate distributor (on the 19th of September, by 4pm GMT), and all activities of fellowship.

Expectations from Fellows

  • Develop a basic program plan.
  • Provide stories or images from the program.
  • Take all possible precaution to ensure safety of participants,and also your safety. Follow all national/international, and local regulations related to the Covid19.
  • Complete the information form of the Teaching Human right Fellows.
  • Complete the post program reporting form, and mid-check in survey.
  • Participate activity in schedule fellowship activities such as networking meetings.
  • Discuss session with at least 10 total participants, and organize more or one human right education. These session can be held remotely or in person.
  • Actively participate, and join the Facebook group of the teaching human rights fellowship.
  • Reply to communication from the team of the Human Project within forty-eight (48) hours, and check email regularly.

How to Apply Human Right Global Teaching

Interest persons are to Click Here to start up the application process.

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