N-Power: Beware of this Fake SMS Message!!!

All those who applied for N-Power Batch C program should be wary of trending fake message purportedly sent out by the management of the N-Power scheme.

The fake Message reads as;

Dear, Applicants.

Congratulations, You’ve Been Shortlisted In The N-Power Batch C Programme. Kindly Update Your Profile Now!!!


  Below is the screenshot of the fake message that we are referring to;

If you have received the message, kindly disregard it as it is totally fake. Some gullible bloggers have even started promoting the fake message without investigation, saying it was ‘legit’ whereas it is fake. The message was actually meant to extract your personal details.

The scammers tried very hard to mimick the N-POWER ID re-confirmation website, but we have bursted them. The Legit Npower site for ID reconfirmation is https://bit.ly/NPOWER-UPDATE.

But the scammers cloned it and added double hyphens in the link to deceive unsuspecting Npower prospective beneficiaries. See the fake link https://bit.ly/NPOWER–UPDATE. Notice there are double hyphens in the link.

Nyscinfo.com have followed up the fake link (https://bit.ly/NPOWER–UPDATE), and we came to a point where they claimed that N-Power is giving out a cash prize of ₦ 30,700. This is ridiculous, isn’t it?

“Congratulations, you are listed to receive a cash prize of ₦ 30,700 free!

How to earn your cash prize?

1. To get the ₦ 30,700 Cash Price, First click the green button “WHATSAPP” and send this information to 12 friends or groups on WhatsApp!

2. After sending the message, you will go to the next step where you will be able to get the money sent to your Account in 2 minutes.

They also encouraged their victims to share on WhatsApp groups before the could receive the so called “₦30,700”.

WARNING: Only follow nyscinfo.com website for legit information about N-Power. You can also join the official Npower Group.

Kindly note that N-Power has not started contacting shortlisted applicants via SMS. Shortlisting has not started, and as such, all applicants should be wary of websites where they enter their information.


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