Ignore The No BVN Data—Npower Support Team

Are you one of the Npower Batch C applicants, who found the inscription ‘No BVN Data’ on your profile? If ‘yes’ then there is no cause to worry, as the Npower Support Team has openly responded.

Recently, some changes were observed on the Npower Nasims portal. The profile dashboard of some applicants kept on displaying “No BVN Data”, which is unusual. Read also: N-Power Support Page (Let’s SOLVE All N-Power Issues)

This very inscription got the majority of the prospective Batch C beneficiaries worried, as some move further to contact the support team. This is as a result of finding out what the inscription “No BVN Data” really means.

The response from the support team is that the prospective beneficiaries should ignore it, as it appeared due to network glitch. You can login to the Npower portal to confirm if such appears on your profile.

The management notified the applicants that, all entered BVN has being captured into their self-service portal. Hence, it has being validated by the scheme.

Below is a screenshot of the message;

From the above feedback, there should be no worries regarding the No BVN Data, which appeared on the applicant’s profile.

Affected persons should therefore ignore it.

Curiosity kept on pushing prospective Npower Batch C beneficiaries to the Nasims portal, because they can’t wait to serve under the scheme. It is believed that, something will be done soon. Therefore, all applicants should be patient, awaiting when they will be posted to their place of primary assignment (PPA).

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Source: Nyscinfo

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