ITF Nigeria Programmes – See How To Be A Beneficiary

Industrial Training Fund (ITF), is a body established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to encourage, and promote the development of commercial and industrial skills needed in industries around the country. It came into existence in the year 1971.

The funds used by ITF is being generated from the money tax payers rendered. As it is mandatory for every registered firm with more than five (5) staff to pay tax.

ITF is being known for its consistent involvement in meeting up with its objectives by which it was established. It has greatly helped in grooming skilled manpower, managers of several sectors, classic training, building of important infrastructures, among others that has positively boost the country’s economy.

Just as observed and recorded, some of the activities organized/sponsored by the ITF team are as follows;

1) Provision of human resource development training, technology services, and information to industries.
2) Provision of Apprentice/Vocational trainings.

3) Organizing Direct training.

4) Rendering of research, and consultancy Services to organizations.

5) Assist the activities of SIWES.

6) Reimburse up to fifty percent (50%) Training contributions received from other establishments.

One of its projects is the ITF/NECA Technical Skills Development Project, where the body shared some photos captured during the graduate ceremony of its participants that underwent the training program in Bukuru, Jos.

Recently, ITF has shared photos of several events/programs organized which includes; the closing ceremony of the National Industrial Skills Development Programme (NISDP) which took place in different states, Infotech skills Empowerment programme(ISEP) opening ceremony.

In this very year 2021, about one hundred (100) Youths were trained on Cosmetology, Fashion Design, Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Kaduna State.

ITF registration in Nigeria

If you wish to register/apply for any of the ITF programmes, follow this link

You can as well visit any ITF office close to you to make enquiry on how to benefit from their programs, or visit their official website via to see the closest office in your locality.

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    I’m trained on and want to go into paints manufacturing, I’ve served in NYSC, but I need loan as starting capital. Pls I need help on getting loan or job or training fund.

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