Jack Ma’s Africa Business Heroes Competition 2023 For African Entrepreneurs

ABH seeks to identify, support, and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs in order to solve the world’s most pressing issues and create a more sustainable and inclusive economy for the future.

The project wants to be as inclusive as it can be. Entrepreneurs from all African nations, across all industries, and of all ages who own legally registered enterprises with headquarters in Africa and a three-year track record are welcome to apply in both English and French.

Ten finalists will be chosen annually to participate in the ABH finale pitch competition and a TV show that will be televised online and throughout the continent. The finalist teams will compete for a portion of a grant fund of US $1.5 million.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant should be the Founder or a Co-Founder of the company.
  • Applicant has traceable/provable African nationality. In other words, you have/had African citizenship and/or a Parent or Grandparent has African citizenship.
  • Company is Africa-Based. The business is registered and headquartered in an African country, and primarily operates in Africa.
  • Company is post-Idea stage. Business is 3 years old or more and has at least 3 years of revenue history

Benefits of Jack Ma Foundation Africa Business Heroes Competition

  • 1st Prize Winner: $300,000
  • 2nd Prize Winner: $250,000
  • 3rd Prize Winner: $150,000
  • Other Top 10 Finalists (7): $100,000
  • Global Immersion Program (Hangzhou, San Francisco, South East Asia): $100,000
  • ANPI will also cover all costs related to the Semi-Final.


  • Exposure: Through the “Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH)” show, we provide our Heroes the chance to tell Africa and the world their story. The show is distributed via major television networks, which provides our finalists with significant publicity and exposure.
  • Training: we offer our Heroes training at Alibaba’s headquarters via the prestigious eFounders fellowship training program. In addition, we are working with partners to develop bespoke training and accelerator services for our Top 10.
  • Mentorship: we offer our Heroes the opportunity to be mentored by renowned business leaders including our Finale and Semi-Finale judges.
  • Networking opportunities: ABH attracts inspiring entrepreneurs from across all 54 African countries. Our finalists have the opportunity to connect with, learn and partner with other like-minded entrepreneurs and our community of judges.

Selection criteria:

  • Vision, Mission & Value
  • The importance/magnitude of the problem/need you’re addressing
  • The feasibility and value-add of your solution
  • Market traction of your solution
  • Competitiveness of your product/solution
  • The feasibility of your revenue model and financial projections
  • Leadership & Team Potential
  • Social Impact – the tangibility and sustainability of the impact you’re creating

Click HERE to apply.

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