Jubilation as house of reps introduces bill on automatic employment for graduates after NYSC

Jubilation as senate introduces bill on automatic employment for graduates after NYSC

Jubilation as house of reps introduces bill on automatic employment for graduates after NYSC.

Eta Mbora, a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) member of the house of representatives, has introduced a bill seeking to provide automatic employment for graduates after their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme, TheCable Newspaper has reported.

The legislation seeks to amend the NYSC act to enable the military, paramilitary agencies and other special services recruit willing graduates immediately after they have completed the one-year youth service.

The amendment bill scaled first reading at the green chamber on Thursday.

The NYSC act, as it currently is, does not provide any employment window for youth corps members after the programme.

In an interview with the Newspaper on Friday, the lawmaker, who represents Calabar Munincipal/Odukpani federal constituency of Cross River state, said the bill will help address Nigeria’s unemployment problem.

He said if passed into law, it would help graduates desirous of joining the military, paramilitary agencies or special services to do so after they have completed their NYSC programme, provided they meet the agencies’ requirements.

“At the conclusion of their service year, there should be a process where the agencies will examine those interested to determine their qualifications to be employed,” he said.

“They should be able to now enrol them after the completion of service; that is for those qualified. That way, it can address the unemployment problem and job scams in Nigeria.

“Those willing to join the military and paramilitary agencies and other special services should be able to do so since they have served their country.”

Mbora added that the bill seeks to officially increase the allowance of corps members to cater to their needs.

He said although the federal government recently increased the allowance, the action is not backed by the law and will only be legal with the amendment.

Despite being Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria’s unemployment rate is very high. It rose to 23.1 percent at the third quarter of 2018.

The federal government has sought various remedies to check this trend, including introducing through schemes like the N-Power programme, but there is still a big gap.

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  1. Yusuf Rikiji
    may God bless our leaders
    And put them into the right ways

  2. It appears nice to hear,but why are the Law makers not thinking how to industrialized the country first. Is it only the military and paramilitaries that can absorb the NYSC? Who is that youth that will be happy to join the military after suffeing for that numbers of years in school?

  3. Splendid, this is a good development, and also reduce job insecurity in the country.

  4. Where is the industries? Those people have stolen all our monies and bank them abroad.Example T.A.orji and his colleagues.

  5. That’s a grate thinking and a wholesome development…that if implemented will not only treat the problem of unemployment and fraudulence it will also erase the evil thought in the idol mind of many angry youth like me… I like your analysis but don’t know where you get your statistics from cos unemployment rate in Nigeria is whale far from 23%, we understand and appreciate your motive and hope it does not comes with self interest and corruption as usual.

    Enough of you killing our futures before it get to us…

  6. Comfirm that will help our youth and widow.

    1. You can say that again. May God bless the senator that raised this issue we need more of your kind that have the masses at heart.

  7. That is a very nice development by the house of rep.

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