7 facts that prove Batch A is the Luckiest NYSC Batch

In this article, we shall highlight Seven (7) facts that prove Batch ‘A’ is the Luckiest NYSC Batch of the year.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilises three (3) Batches of Corps members every year. These Batches are; Batch A, B, and C. Usually, each Batch is subdivided in Streams (1&2).

Just before I show you 7 facts that prove Batch A is the luckiest NYSC Batch, let’s briefly look at the history of NYSC.

History of NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme was created in the year 1973 after the civil war “with a view to prosper encouragement and development of common ties among the Nigerian youths and the promotion of national unity”.

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Now, here comes the main point.

7 facts that prove Batch A is the Luckiest NYSC Batch

Below are seven facts that prove batch A is the luckiest NYSC Batch of the year;

1. NYSC allowance

Corps members’ allowance has been increased from N19,800 to N33,000 in January, 2020. So, this Batch ‘A’ 2020 is the first Batch to enjoy 33,000 per month throughout their service year.

2. First NYSC Batch in 2020

This first Batch to go to service in 2020 is Batch A. Check out the orientation camp date for Batch A 2020.

3. Favourable weather condition

The period of Batch A Orientation camp usually fall when weather is less harsh or unfavorable to human. Because their Orientation hold between February and March.

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4. No too much waiting at home

Because it is Batch A, there is no too much waiting at home for those that registered with Batch ‘A’ but did not make it to camp. This is because Batch ‘B’ mobilization follows immediately after Batch ‘A’ camping.

5. More opportunities at PPA

At the Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), Batch A is more welcome than any other Batches maybe it is because they are first Batch in the year.

6. Lots of fun in Orientation Camp

There used to be a lot of fun in Orientation Camp for Batch A because the NYSC officials have more time to prepare. See 11 things you should never do in the NYSC Orientation camp.

7. Quality NYSC food

Because Batch A is the first Batch the Federal budget will be spent on, the officials make sure they are served with quality food. See shocking fact to know about NYSC food.

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  2. Good morning, please is there any implications for registering when the year of graduation on the NYSC portal is different from the one on the certificate obtained from school. Earnestly awaiting your reply on this.
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