No Arrears for Corps members, they are not Civil Servants – NYSC DG

The NYSC DG has said there would be no arrears for Corps Members, because they are not Civil Servants but on National Service.

Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has said the budget allocated for the scheme by the Federal Government made it impossible to pay minimum wage arrears to Corps members.

No Arrears for Corps members

However, Brig. General Shuaibu, commended the Federal Government on the recent increase of Corps Members’ allowance.

NYSC allowance was captured in the 2020 budget of the Scheme, payable with effect from January this year, which therefore precludes the payment of arrears.

“Corps Members are NOT Civil Servants, they are on National Service and the commencement date for the payment of the increment of their allowance is January 2020 which the Federal Government has started“, he concluded.

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However, the DG warned Prospective Corps Members with fake credentials to stay off its Orientation Camps across the country.

He added that anyone caught, especially graduates from the universities in West African sub-region with the intent to undermine the integrity of its mobilisation process with fake certificates would be arrested and prosecuted.

The Director-General, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim gave this warning in his office in Abuja.

He said that the NYSC Scheme had put necessary mechanism in place to curb the enrolment of fake graduates for the Orientation course, and would continue working diligently in that direction.

The DG noted that the Scheme had made tremendous achievements in the fight against unqualified graduates who try to infiltrate the Scheme.

Ibrahim added that during the 2019 Batch ‘C’ online registration, over twenty thousand foreign – trained Nigerians uploaded their results online, however, during the physical verification exercise, just 3,420 showed up. This out come is because they have been forewarned that anyone caught with fake certificate would be prosecuted.

If you have reasons that you think Corps members should be paid minimum wage arrears, use the comment section below.

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Updated: February 23, 2020 — 3:34 pm

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  1. How do you want us to look at this president buhari government that said he is fighting corruption when we are been rob of our arears brought day light if am to be ask whether this buhari government is good or bad government i will say that it is bad government because am still thinking and comparing this president buhari government to former president good luck johnatan government why did president good luck johnatan pay arears during is government and you want me to believe you are fighting corruption plesae pay us our arears i dont whether you people dont have shame we work for it it is our right we work for it under the sun and rain our sweat and suffering want to be embezzelling buy president buhari and nysc director general shuaibu ibrahim just like that beg us to dash you the money and we will dash you and not stealing but tricks corrupt leaders as you do to us so shall it be done to you in one way or another God is watching

  2. As long as we work for the federal government we civil servant and we need our arrears

  3. DG u should stand for us as a leader to fight for our minimum wage arrears, this will not reduce u anything rather to increase your reputation, help us

  4. I just wish some of these comments get to FG…. and not end here.
    Let them know our heart cry… we can’t continue to work like elephant and be financially maltreated. When there’s no motivation, workers don’t work effectively

  5. In everything you are doing, there is God o.
    We are supposed to be assistants to the school teachers but we end up being the real teachers teaching in rural areas with a lot of challenges like no electricity, no good water, even the road is mouldy just because we put to heart that we must make Nigeria proud of us. All the allowances we get are constantly expended on what the state is supposed to provide. Coping in other states other than yours isn’t that easy with the little money we were initially being paid, even now that is 33000ngn, is still not enough. When FG knows it won’t pay arrears, why are we not paid immediately the bill was passed to law? No savings, it’s not as if there is any job waiting for youths out there after serving the nation, how do do you want youths to cope after service??? There is no how theft will cease in the nation now.
    Or better still, let all corp members serve in their respective states, after all, they are used to the states and they live with family members that will feed them free and give them shelters…. through this we will have savings to cope after service

  6. History must form the basis of every action of the State . Jonathan paid areas to corpers during his own tenure, why will Buhari’s regime fail to pay us?. Please, pay us our money , it is our right or else God is there to pay you people and your family with what is shaking the whole world presently!.

  7. Now I know the reason why nysc organized a Nation wide rally on fight against corruption, was to brainwashed the general public that the sector is corrupt-free organization so that they can hide under the canopy of just and righteous organization to perpetuate evil and injustice to their children. I really pity the father who cheats on his children coz the fate of such father is doomed from the start. If FG and NYSC want to be coursed and never see peace, is to withhold the arears but if they want blessings and progress they should settle arears issue with Corp members.
    The share which the first born received, the same the last born can receive. Civil servants and Corp members are first born and last born and a good father consider his last born than the first born because he’s still growing. Mark my point.

  8. To the source… Where is the future of Nigeria youth in their own country when they been denied of their benefit from the country.
    We render selfless service to our country yet dey said we are not civil servant,
    Under the son and the rain we called Nigeria our one but yet we are being discriminated,
    We had of corp members who lost their lives on their coming from CDS, going to their PPA, Going back to their state of deployment after a short break and others… Even cases of kidnapping yet they said we are not entitled to arrears because we are not civil servant.
    When a corp member died the family will be compensated and now those that are alive they denying them of their benefit is this not medicine after death?…
    Please sir (DG) I think this case should be given proper attention though we are not civil servants but we are still servants we render services that every other civil servant render in the cause of this one… Sir we can’t be denied of this, this is not the first minimum wage increment that has been made… Every other corp member has benefited from the previous ones why is this case different…

  9. This is not the first time that the minimum wage was increased and arrears were paid (to both corps members and civil servants).Why is it different now? I served in one secondary school in a rural area (2018/2019) I was only entitled to my federal allowance alone, nothing from the state nor my ppa. Yet my colleagues and I put in our best with the hope that we will reap this when the government started paying minimum wage. You don’t know how it feels when your colleagues are earning more than you. Especially when u are supposed to be entitled to it but your right was denied. The federal government should please reconsider. Even though nobody is ready to support us, but we are pleading to be considered.

    1. corruption wont let me reason well……..rubbish country even the DG is senceless for not standing for us,,,how i wish the former state cordinator of osun state mr Attah was the DG

  10. I wish to use this medium to draw the attention of the Federal government toward the issue of payment of arrears. The bill which established the new minimum wage was signed into law since April 2019 which means payment should commence from when the bill was signed into law. It is worthy of note that all Federal workers have obtained payment in arrears whereas, Corps members are totally left behind.

    Recall that under the administration of former President Jonathan the minimum wage was reviewed as Corps members who left the service even before full implementation were all paid in arrears.
    Today we wish to know why the Federal Government kept mute over payment of Corps Members.

    Corps members nationwide being future leaders and able youths of our great Nation deserve to know why we were left out in this issue of arrears.
    Does FG feel that paying us arrears is a waste of money? Does FG realise that paying Corps members in arrears means investing in us?


    1) All serving corps members have decided to ask questions and to know exactly why FG excluded us from getting Minimum wage arrears.

    2) We shall engage all relevant stakeholders to assist us in this quest.

    3) We shall remain loyal to the authority as we seek justice.

    4) We shall mobilise nation wide to ensure we obtain the desired result.

    5) We shall raise an online petition which will be circulated Nationwide for collection of signatures in support of our quest.

    6) We shall continue to seek what is due for us till we achieve the desired result in the spirit of ALUTA.


    Following the announcement of the newly approved wage of 33,000 naira for corp members by the Director General of the National youth service Corp – Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, corp members expect as follows:

    1) Corp members in 2019 Batch A will earn as much as 118,800 in areas covering the period between April and December of 2019.

    2) Their colleagues in 2019 Batch B stream 1 will earn an estimated amount of 105,200 within the period of June and December while those in Batch B stream 2 will look forward to receiving the sum of 66,000.

    3) Also, members in 2018 Batch B streams 1 and 2, and Batch C streams 1 and 2 are expected to earn 26,400, 39,600 and 79,200, 92,400 respectively.

    Finally, I call on the relevant (NYSC) authority to assists us to achieve this aim for the greater benefit of our country at large.

  11. I will never restrain myself to say this, as the DG of NYSC you should be ashamed of yourself to have come to the public to make this announcement,I don’t know what this country is turning to,where public officers don’t know the meaning and value of integrity and implication of signing a document of agreement under law. If the president is not educated to know the implications, I guess the DG should know unless if he is a complete idiot. You probably think I’m insulting the president and the DG, well that is the beginning of a failed country when the constitution is not respected by the government of the day and public officers think they have the right words to defend injustice perpetrated by hoodlums in government. This is just the beginning for more is still coming. The government owe me arrears and don’t want to pay when there is nothing tangible the government is doing with the revenue generated by this country in the past five years of it’s rule. Northerners are the problems of this country,uneducated and uncivilised that sabotage the efforts of other regions in the country.

  12. Without prejudice to the stand of NYSC on the anticipated arrears by ex-corp members.
    I wish to state emphatically that payment of arrears to ex-corp members who were in active service during the period of implementation of the new minimum wage as at 18 April,2019 are legally entitled for their arrears as it is their right and not a privilege.
    Previous Government paid ex-corp members arrears without any agitation so this Government should toe the same direction of magnanimity.

  13. It is unfair to say this sir. The increment had been implememted since April, 2019, but u guys delied the pay so that u would deny our rights as citizens. We are all graduates and we have professionals in all disciplines. Therefore, i think we are at the better position to differentiate between a servant and who is not.

    The arreaers should be paid as far as the government of nigeria is partriotic and compatriotic. How many people do you think will pray for Nigeria as a result of the actualization of this arrears we so much about?

    The money is there under your costody. Thus,conveince the federal government to pay us as you conveinced them to make the increment.

    It will be very regretful for you to deny our arrears under your tenue. It will a great chellenge to yiu hendsforth. Kazaure could have done that, he could have paid us already. Yet we have good confidence on you. Our arrears should of course be paid. It will a pride for our government to pay its teeming youths their arrears. Must of us will use the money to invest.

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