Kidnapped Corper Azeez now released by killer Herdsmen

Kidnapped Corper Azeez now released by killer Herdsmen

Kidnapped Corper Azeez now released by killer Herdsmen.

The Corps Member, Azeez Shittu Olalekan was kidnapped on 14th January 2020 by Killer Herdsmen on his way from Kano to Lagos.

Below was what his cousin shared on Nairaland as regards his release.

“Hello Nairaland.
I made a post of my cousin who is a Corp member that went missing on 14th of this month. Here’s a link to the previous thread

After creating the topic here on him missing, on Saturday 18th, we got a call from the captors (kidnapper herdsmen) demanding 20million naira ransome. He spoke first obviously terrified and crying on the phone, we tried to calm him down that all will be fine. The kidnappers then got on the phone and demanded 20million for his release. I decided not to put all these online any more for safety reasons.

We got a Hausa man to do the talking with them cos they barely could speak English, he confirmed they were Fulani. After pleading with them that the 20million couldn’t be raised, they said they would train him, that we shouldn’t worry. That was the end of the discussion for that day.

We called on Sunday again, another person picked up and he was much calmer than the one who called on Saturday. He explained that they didn’t plan to kidnap anyone but attack the military men on that route (I’m not too sure of that). He further said they were just unlucky to be traveling at that time. He said he will talk to his superiors and call back in the evening. In the evening. When we called back in the evening there was no headway as it was the first person that called on Saturday who picked the call.

No contacts were made until Wednesday  and they agreed for 1 million. We were happy, but I was worried. If after paying them this money, will the persons who took the money there not be held back too? Thus, leading them to demand another money. The Hausa man and one of my brothers volunteered to travel down to deliver the money on Thursday morning. I was prepared to book their flights for them.

Around past 4pm a number called my Uncle, (cousin’s dad) I was right beside him. The call dropped at first cos he couldn’t hear what the caller was saying. A second call came in and it happened to be my cousin. He was calling from a village close to Zaria. He borrowed a phone. We called back immediately and he explained that the kidnappers randomly picked 20 of them and led them out, in his words; he said they were releasing them. He found it difficult to believe.

As they were being led out of the forest, they were attacked by some superior bandits to the ones who captured them. Both the captors and victims ran on sighting them. Luckily for them, none of the victims were recaptured by the other bandits. The villagers of the village they found themselves gave them food and water and called the cops. The cops came and lead them to Kaduna police headquarters where they were attended to.

There’s so much story to tell, but I’ll stop here. We’re glad he’s back and also thank God and everyone on Nairaland who called and assisted in prayers. I appreciate your concerns.

I pray and hope the rest of the people with the kidnappers are freed or rescued in time. He said they kidnapped over 200 persons including a nursing mother and a soldier that was traveling.

Let’s remember to pray for the release of these people and also get the government’s attention to this. Cos it’s so sad that no one made mention of the attack and kidnapped people on that road. We only heard Buhari condemned the attack on the Emir of Potiskum.

This country is not safe and the government pays no attention and have no regards for human lives.”

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