List of top Jobs you can get without a University Degree or HND

Not every job requires a University Degree or HND to get. Here, we will show you list of top jobs you can get without a University Degree or Polytechnic HND.

So, whether you are in US, Nigeria, UK or other part of the world, you don’t really need a degree to get these jobs.

You need to understand that University Certificate is important; but money is the reason most people go to school.

However, getting a job is no longer tied to your Certificate, but sabificate (skills).

Nowadays, there are big companies you can get a job without having a degree or HND. All you need to have is competence and skills.

List of professional jobs you can get without a university degree

Below are list of jobs you can get in Nigeria without a University Degree or HND;

1. Photography or Photo Editing

list of top jobs you can get without a University Degree

The maximum monthly salary for this job is N300,000. You can get a job as either a photographer or photo editor without a university degree.

While a Bachelor of Art degree in Photography would look good on your CV/Resume. There are many ways to build a career in photography as well as for advancement.

2. Freelance writing

Maximum monthly salary for this job is approximated to be N200,000. Good writers don’t necessarily need a degree to start making money from writing.

Freelance writing jobs are very common in Nigeria. And as a Freelance Writer, you can write for Newspapers, blogs, magazine, etc.

A freelance writer can also make a lot of money writing scripts, reports, articles for television or radio stations.

3. Sales representatives

The maximum monthly salary is N300,000. A Sale representative is a person who encourages customers make purchase and advise them on which product to buy. Sales representatives don’t necessarily need a university degree to get a job.

While a marketing degree would look good on your CV but that does not qualify you as a sale representative.

Regardless of your education qualification, you can register for an online course in sales, and get a job with its certificate.

4. Web design/developing

Maximum monthly salary is N400,000. This job involves creating and developing websites and applications. A university degree in Computer science or other course is not required to get this job.

Just acquire the required skills and you are go to go. To become a web designer/developer you can decide to learn the course online in tech hubs like Andela.

5. Graphic Design

Maximum monthly salary is N1.2 Million. Graphic designers mainly work in the marketing and advertising industries. They are in charge of creating advertisements and marketing materials in organizations. To become a graphic designer, you need to enrol in graphic design or visual communications programme.

6. Digital Marketing

The maximum monthly salary is N900,000. Those who have skills in digital marketing can as well act as digital sales executives, internet marketing specialists, digital marketing directors or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists, and so on.

You don’t need a university degree to get a job as a digital marketer. However, you need to know how to apply digital technology to market products and services.

7. Translating

Maximum monthly salary is N300,000. You don’t need university degree for this job. All you need is to be versatile in at least two languages, or more.

Popular languages you should learn are; Chinese, French, Portuguese, Japanese and German. Companies are highly in favour of applicants who know these languages.

8. Police Cadet Inspector

The maximum monthly salary is N80,000.

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